Are You Real?

Post 208

Ah, the age-old debate. I wasn’t sure where to start this answer. I did the logical thing, the thing René Descartes would’ve done if he were around today. I Googled it. I thought Google knows the answer to everything. Doesn’t seem to know where to begin with this doozy.

That is an interesting point, though. Does Google think? It’s told to think. Does that make it real? Because we know Google exists. We use it for everything, from how to change a fuse, to how to change a baby. But it’s not alive. It’s not real. It’s not sentient or conscious; it has a false sentience and a false conscience. If humankind can program it to think, to believe, to imitate sentience and conscience, then how do we know somebody a damn sight cleverer than Google’s creators aren’t doing the same thing with us? We ourselves could be just like Google, but more evolved. Life is a computer program, a series of calculations, odds, predictions, maths and conditions. Are we a program? Heck, The Matrix could be real.

It’s nonsense, surely? How can you program free will? Or do we have it in the first place? Is somebody making me type these words? Am I a puppet in a super-nerd’s dreamworld? It’s disconcerting, I admit. But it’s entirely possible. Anything is possible or indeed plausible. Does it matter, is my question.

We can never know. It’s impossible to know. It’s the only thing that is impossible to know. Everything could be fake. Could be real. It doesn’t matter. We experience happiness, love, loss, sadness and a million other emotions that make life so wonderful and incredible. What is life? It’s a journey. Enjoy it. Breathe it. Live it. You only live once.

Although I suppose if we all are a computer program, we could just be turned off and on again.

Are you real, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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