What Is Your Favourite Smell?

Post 210

Do people have favourite smells? People have favourite everything’s nowadays. Books. Instruments. Lights. Televisions. Rugs. Chocolates. Computers. Music playing devices. Toothbrushes. Flowers. Bins. Are these a few of our favourite things? Ahem.

We use the word favourite far too favourably. “Ooh, well I like that rug, but it isn’t my favourite”. “You have a favourite rug? What? What you meant to say was ‘this is the rug I like best in this particular store’”. By saying it’s your favourite, what you mean is that it’s your favourite rug in the whole wide world. And that’s quite an inauspicious statement. Because there are thousands of rugs in the world twenty times better than that £10 piece of tat you’re looking at in Ikea. It also demonstrates your closed-mindedness. What you’re saying is that you’ve seen all rugs on Earth and you’ve concluded that the Ikea rug is the very best. This shows some other things too. One, that you simply haven’t grasped the gravitas of your highly illogical statement, and two, that you really don’t have a good taste for rugs.

Similarly, it’s an impossible statement to say I have a favourite smell because I haven’t smelled everything there is to smell. What the question is asking is which smell out of all the smells I’ve smelled is my particular favourite smell. I could say something sweetly innocent like freshly cut grass on a spring morn, newly cut timber, or that unexplainable aroma on a beautiful, misty, chilly winter’s morn with the snow freshly lain like a blanket of cotton.

However, as you all know, I don’t like favourites and try to avoid them like the plague or that smoke monster that was frustratingly never really explained like the entirety of the five years I wasted watching Lost. I don’t have a favourite smell. I was just trying to find a reason sane people would hate favourites since my crazy reason is… well, crazy.

Over to you, readers. What is your favourite smell?

Ciao :)(:

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