How Much Time Do You Spend Getting Ready On The Morning?

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Depends what I’m getting ready for. A bake off? Church? A discothèque? Aye, one could argue the point, ‘Why would I be attending a discothèque in the morning?’ But if one is a regular attendee at such a youth orientated debauchery establishment, then the morning may very well come under the definition of ‘really late at night’.

I love my routines. I have many routines. A timescale. A schedule. Organization. Priorities. Order. Calculations. All rolled up into one huge routine. The morning routine. The prospect of doing all that in the morning is something I thrive on. For me, it’s like an overweight person looking at a huge chocolate cake through a bakery window with their face pressed up against the glass, glazed eyes and a huge smile painted across their face.

I get my clothes sorted the night before. Proper planning, yes, but it also means I have an extra five minutes in bed. I also get other things sorted, money, letters, the watch I’ll wear, my bracelet, my necklace – everything I need – altogether in one spot. I’ll also check the bus timetables on the internet. My alarm will be precisely set. I’ll arise, gather my clothes and head to the bathroom. Use the toilet, sort my horrific morning face out and get changed. I’ll have my Weetabix next (Weetabix Monday to Friday, toast Saturday and Sunday). I give myself ten minutes to eat. Anything leftover is put in the bin. I always have a glass of water, same glass, same amount. I then go to straighten my hair. In layers, same technique every day. I head back to the bathroom after. Brush my teeth, always first, same technique every day. Then apply various creams, always second, same technique every day. Finally, I head back into my bedroom to put on my belt, watch, bracelet, necklace and coat , fill my pockets with other things I’ll need, put on my shoes, and head out.

There. All that takes around one hour. That’s how long I take to get ready. Simple. Ish.

How much time do you spend getting ready each morning, readers?

Toodle-pip :)(:

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    • Oh God no, that would be awful. People of routine are wired differently. We simply cannot ever break our programming. I wouldn’t want to, though. I’d be confused and lost. I’d end up hospital. It would be awful.

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