Would You Live On A Boat?

Post 216

I can only imagine the scenario whereby I would even entertain such a notion. Maybe a zombie uprising. Unless they can swim. In which case, we’re screwed. I may have to resort to a blimp. Zephyr. Zeppelin. Airship. Whatever it’s called. Unless the zombies can fly. In which case, may God have mercy on our souls.

Zombies attacking airships, however, is a great movie idea. Although I wouldn’t need that to stop me boarding one. I get very airsick. And seasick. I’d be vomiting all the time on a boat. The slightest breeze and I’d need the bucket the size of Nebraska. I couldn’t give up conveniences like the internet, TV, electricity, unlimited water, etcetera. It’s also a very expensive life to live. There’s also not a lot of space. It’ll be cold and it’ll be lonely. I’ll have no one but my sock puppets and singing turnips for company.

Me on a boat is also sounding like a good movie idea.

It depends on the circumstances. And the vessel. Sure, it would be nice to be docked near Nauru, Palau, Vanuatu, New Caledonia or the like, on a 35 million dollar superyacht making marbles from pearls. But it wouldn’t be me. Not my life. Not my idea of living. If I were to live on a boat, it would be in my retirement sailing the canals of Britain. I’m not sure if I get canalsick, though. Never been on one. Hmm. There’s something to put on my bucket list. Try canalling. Do I have a bucket list? No? Oh. I must create one. Create a bucket list.

I’ll put it on my bucket list. Oh, wait. Ah, well.

Would you live on a boat, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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