Which Moon Would You Like To Live On?

Post 217

Well, it depends on the circumstances. I’ll assume for this particular question that it is a lifestyle choice. Like leaving your miserable life behind for a new life in Nauru. Not that I’ve ever thought about moving to Nauru. Or to a moon. In fact, I probably wouldn’t. I may end up on a moon, though. People are always trying to get rid of me. Sniff. Whimper. Etcetera.

I won’t say our Moon. Too cliché. And yes, one could argue that the view of the Earth would make it the only choice, but like any view, you’d get tired of it eventually. Miranda is incredibly ugly. It would be like living on a wart. Callisto is the most heavily cratered object in the solar system. Being hit by rocks all the time would be a tad annoying. Epimetheus and Janus nearly hit each other every four years. Enceladus is covered in violent geysers. Triton is full of exploding ice volcanoes. Io is also a volcanic hellhole, with eruptions every few minutes. Titan is highly suitable for life, but it rains liquid methane and the smell isn’t worth thinking about. Mimas is identical to the Death Star so that would be a turn-off.

I toyed with the idea of choosing Ganymede but I just find it a bit dull. Like me, I suppose, but even I need a bit of joie de vivre to liven up the daily grind of dull grey monotony. I also toyed with choosing either Hyperion or Iapetus. They are incredibly strange and weird, and there is so much to explore and discover about them. But I’m not an exploring kind of man, so I didn’t go with them either. But they would be marvellous.

Instead, I went for Europa. In an earlier question, I stated it was my favourite moon because it’s just so wonderful. It would be cold but exciting. Magnificent icy landscapes, gorgeous vistas, and a liquid ocean beneath my feet. There could be animals to discover. Giant space whales to swim amongst. Animals for food. Water to drink. Plenty of excitement but a subdued excitement. I place I could truly call home.

What moon would you choose readers?

Toodle-pip :)(:

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