What Is The Word You Have The Most Trouble Pronouncing?

Post 223

Ah, language. I love words and their etymologies. I’ve often wondered what the etymology of etymology is. Some people would argue that this wonderment is what makes me so unbelievably likeable. Not likeable. Erm. Ah, yes. Dull. That’s the word. Well then, I shan’t tell you what the etymology of etymology is. *twiddles thumbs*. Ah, go on then. It means ‘the study of the true sense’. What? Oh, I couldn’t help myself.

But some words are evil. With their ‘hard-to-pronounce’ facades, they torment us. They are snooty. Look down on us. They suck. Now, some who know me may be inclined to say that I belong with the snooty words. I can pronounce ‘fiduciary’, ‘consubstantiation’ and ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’, with no trouble. Doesn’t make me snooty, though, does it? I went to a normal state school where they taught us to speak. That’s all. People are different. Some people will always incorrectly pronounce the silent ‘t’ at the end of ‘restaurant’. I can’t pronounce ‘barbiturate’ without swearing, which is wrong. It annoys me when people don’t pronounce the ‘l’ in ‘vulnerable’. Simply put, it’s not silent. Aluminium. Stumps the Americans, that. Clothes. There’s a ‘th’ in there. Again, not silent. Affidavit, not David. The internet jargon word ‘cache’, pronounced ‘cash’. Schedule. ‘Shed’, not ‘sked’. The ‘r’ in ‘frustrate’ must be pronounced. There are thousands of these.

But some words are destined to fail us all. February, for example. Seriously. Who put an ‘r’ in that? Words like ‘regularly’, ‘necessarily’ and ‘particularly’, irk the heck out of me. But there is one word, along those lines, that trumps them. One word that stumps me most often. What is my chosen word, the one I have most difficulty pronouncing?


I sincerely hope the bastard who created it is burning in hell alongside Lance Hill.

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