If You Could Meet Any Fictional Person, Who Would It Be?

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Oh, magic. Potions. Witches. Stuff like that. I’m not big on magic. Or much, to be honest. It is magic, though. Getting to meet a fictional person. How else could one achieve such a goal unless by means of magic? Where’s the logic? This question has more problems than I do, and that’s saying something.

First, consider how it would be possible to meet a fictional person. I cannot just pick someone because there needs to be a way. Maybe there’s an invention of some sort that enabled me to achieve the goal. I’ll accept that. But it doesn’t stop there. Why would I meet a fictional person? You need a reason to do something, otherwise you’re just a crazy old lady throwing cats. I’d have to pick someone based on a reason to meet them. Sherlock Holmes, for example. My keys are missing. That would be a good reason.

But there are further problems with the question. I’m not big on fiction. In fact, I had to Google the word fiction. I knew what it meant, it’s just a condition people have. You’re sure of something, but there’s a faint hint of doubt that means you must refer to Google. Because Google knows everything. I trust my mind and judgment, my own intelligence and sentience. But let’s check Google.

Fictional people, huh? Well, they’re fictional. I don’t think it’s logical to meet your fictional heroes. That book, movie, TV show or whatever, is all they are. Meeting them is fanatical. And that’s wrong. You admire your heroes and aspire to be them. But you don’t meet them. Because most of the time, your heroes turn out to be dicks.

I hear Sherlock Holmes was a mean drunk…

Ciao :)(:

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