Would You Be A Vegetarian?

Post 238

Sure. While I’m at it, I’ll stop wearing shoes. I’ll start growing a mushroom farm. I’ll throw out all my conventional clothes and start wearing tie-dye shirts. Loose fitting because material doesn’t matter, dude. Grow my hair long. Spread the word of peace and love in a world where all expectations are that they cannot exist. Live life by the wind. Break all the rules. Dance to wind chimes. That lifestyle, man, is some priceless granola.

Of course, vegetarianism was merely perpetuated by the hippies. They absorbed it into their culture. And many aspects of their culture have now been absorbed into modern culture. Vegetarianism being one. Now largely adopted by teenage girls who think going against the original laws of nature is incredibly cool and thrives their social needs like a drug they’re addicted to. Like the hippie culture, it’s evolved into something that’s really rather tragic. For most teenagers, it’s a fashion item and nothing but a phase. It’s one I’m fed up of.

I wouldn’t be a vegetarian, of course not. Human beings are carnivores. Not herbivores. But then again, we’re the first animals to roam the Earth who could decide to change our diet, so I suppose the programming nature gives us is outweighed by the other programming it gave us, free will. I wouldn’t be a vegetarian because of this. Vegetarianism first showed up in the 19th century. For the vast majority of humankind, we were carnivores. To me, that’s the most highly logical path to take and I’m sticking to it.

Of course, people don’t just do it for fashionable reasons or because it’s modern or because we can. All of which I’ve ruled out at options to become a vegetarian. Religious reasons, too. Fair enough. No qualms with that. Everyone has a right to believe what they want. It’s legal, so there’s no problem there. Roman Catholics, as I am one, have to be vegetarian on Fridays. Fish is meat, by the way. I think saying we can eat fish is a cheat. I don’t eat fish, anyway. Also, a vegetarian diet is nowhere near as healthy as a diet that includes meat. That’s how we are built as a species. To have both. Vegetarianism like driving a car without tyres. Google it.

So no, I don’t want to be a vegetarian. I’m a perfectly happy hippy the way I am.

Toodle-pip :)(:

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