What Song Would You Want Played At Your Funeral?

Post 240

I like the way the question assumes I’m going to go this way. Dies quietly in his sleep. Heart attack on the street. Run over by a bus for the fiftieth time but that time is the last. I might not go that way. I might be on a cruise liner and be thrown overboard. I could be vaporized the day I finally decide to go on a rollercoaster for the first time and incur a terrible accident that results in me flying out of the thing at a phenomenally high speed. Aliens may probe me to death. And if that happens, I want to be cremated. Twice.

I don’t want to be cremated, though. It’s your prerogative if you do, but I don’t think it’s a very loving thing to do. Neither is burying someone to be honest. “Sorry to hear about your death, I’ll miss you dearly, let’s burn you”. Or. “Sorry to hear about your death, I’ll miss you dearly, let’s bury you”. We need a better way to deal with the dead. I’d like to be fired at the sun. Yes, it’s a cremation, but what a cremation. “Mummy, what happened to Granddad?” “Ah, Jack, well, when you really, really love someone and they pass away, just like Granddad, we throw them into a furnace until all their skin is melted off”. Or. “Ah, Jack, well, your Granddad is sadly gone, so we fired him at the sun. Pretty cool, huh?”

I know we don’t like to think of ‘the end’ as a species. That’s fair enough, I think. But we do think about what song we’ll have as the coffin hurtles its way through the curtains. Or blasts off into space. The song we choose needs to sum us up. When people hear it, they need to think, ‘That was him in a nutshell – that is the song to sum up his life – when I think of him, that’s the song I’ll always think of – what a perfect way to go’.

So, what about me? What is my funeral song? The song to sum me up, the song that will make people think, ‘Oh God, that was him – only he would choose that song’. The tune?

Monster Mash by the late, great Bobby Pickett.

Ciao :)(:

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