What Is Your Favourite Man-Made Wonder Of Southeast England?

Post 249

Ah, southeast England. Where Roald Dhal, Charles Darwin and Pocahontas died. You thought I’d say born, didn’t you? What can I say, I’m a hoot. The southeast also has the largest shopping centre in Europe. And the whole area is known as The Garden of England. Because hops are grown there. The Garden of England probably sounded like a nicer name than The Booze Factory of England. Not in my head, though. Sounds wonderful to me.

Every wonders question I’ve done so far (this is my sixth) has fallen into the same trap. Two of the same thing on the list. Monuments, reefs, statues – they managed to create a Wonders of the Ancient World list with only one set of pyramids. Why now, in the 21st century, are we unable to do the same? Here we have another one. Leeds Castle and Dover Castle. That’s ridiculous. Only one please. I’m ruling them out. Plus, Leeds Castle is known as The Loveliest Castle in the World. The people who run it give it that moniker. Another reason to rule it out. How can they possibly prove that? I’d like some evidence, if you don’t mind. Complete numpties. There’s Canterbury Cathedral. It’s Church of England. I’m a Roman Catholic. It’d just be awkward. Brighton Royal Pavilion. Have you seen it? Oh aye, it’s gorgeous. It’s also ostentatious. I just find all that tacky. It’s grand and luxurious and neither of those two things sums me up at all. Not my kind of place, I’m afraid. Chatham Docks. Nope. There’s water there. Hence, docks. You know I can’t swim. What if I fall in? Imagine the horror. I’ll have ‘Died in Chatham’ on my gravestone (kidding – I’m sure it’s lovely). And there’s Lullingstone Villa. A Roman ruin. Well, it’s ruined, so why would I want to go there?

So I’ll pick the Balcombe Viaduct. It’s unbelievably beautiful, a staggering piece of industrial engineering. Oh my word, the brickwork and the angles, the nouveau elegance of its geometry beggars belief. Once describe as ‘the most elegant viaduct in Britain’, is has no qualms with its existence in that stunning, quintessentially British green countryside locale.

The Balcombe Viaduct. My favourite wonder of southeast England. Suck on that, Brighton Royal Pavilion…

Ciao :)(:

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