What Are Your Thoughts On Pancakes?

Post 250

Pancakes are fascinating. And with that sentence, I’ve probably lost most of you to a YouTube singing dog video thingamabob. Pancakes are one of the few foods here in England we actually dedicate a day for. I know Shrove Tuesday is an international day, but the fact we actually celebrate a food here is remarkable. We’re a very logical people. Except when it comes to pancakes. But can you blame us for doing that? Well yes, actually.

People make such a hoo-ha over pancakes. It might just be me who’s never been particularly becharmed by them. I might have one a year. This in itself is a rarity. The very word pancakes indicates more than one. One pancake, please. A look of puzzlement occurs across the cook’s face. One? Who has one? Mmm. Well, just me, probably. I also like them plain. Nothing on them. Also rare. I also eat them with my hands because what’s life without whimsy? Yes. I’m really interesting. I’m the man who has plain vanilla ice cream with nothing on it. I’m the cool one at parties.

But maybe I’m not giving pancakes a chance. We eat them on Shrove Tuesday, ‘shrove’ coming from ‘to shrive’ meaning ‘to confess’. So, are we supposed to confess whilst eating them? I’m not sure. That would make me not want to eat them. Imagine the scene at the family dinner table. Stuffing your face full of pancakes whilst mumbling, “JEAN, I’M SLEEPING WITH THE MILKMAID!” Heck, it was once known as ‘Sulky Tuesday’ in Ireland, referring to girls who have failed to find a husband before Lent. Might be something in the whole confessional thing. And until the 18th century, cock fighting was a traditional way to celebrate the day. I’m sure that’s a euphemism. Proving my point.

But pancakes aren’t about sex, they are a foodstuff. Although there is a large degree of crossover in that these days. As a foodstuff, my thoughts are that they are not one of my particular penchants. But there is more to them than just being a food. As for traditions, well, pancakes are interesting. Very interesting, even.

Well, they are very interesting for the milkmaid at least…


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