Which Is Your Favourite Wonder Of Colombia?

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Ah, Colombia. A republic in northwestern South America. Named after Christopher Columbus. For some reason. He never stepped foot on Colombia. I think we should all be grateful they used his surname from his Italian name, Cristoforo Colombo, rather than the Spanish translation, Cristóbal Colón. Colon doesn’t sound like a country I want to visit. I don’t really want to think about a possible Seven Wonders of Colon list.

It’s a beautiful country. It’s had its problems, difficulties and hardships, but there are signs of progress, and when you consider what that country has to offer, it has an encouraging future. It’s plagued by stereotypes, but they are simply not true. It’s such an incredibly gorgeous place. It has every vista imaginable. Great wildlife. Great cities. I’m not surprised the El Tiempo newspaper created this list. You could have 50 wonders on it. So it’s going to be difficult to pick just one. I’m gonna have to be harsh. Apologies to Colombians. I presume that’s what you call people from there. Well, that or Colombos.

This is my tenth wonders question, and with the other nine, I’ve always ruled out things religious connections. As a Roman Catholic, I don’t want it to seem like favouritism, but to be fair to Christianity, I don’t want to pick something with a connection to another religion. Hence why I ruled out the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and, painfully, because it’s simply stunning, the Las Lajas Sanctuary. I’ll also rule out San Agustín because it’s an entire town. I’m not fond of picking entire places, like islands and towns. It just feels a bit lazy. This problem also befalls Ciudad Perdida, an ancient city. And I’m also ruling out Teatro de Cristóbal Colón, or The Theatre of Colon. Probably. Look, it’s beautiful, but theatres aren’t me. Not what I do. Not my scene.

So I’ll go for Tierrandentro. It’s a national archaeological park, rich in pre-Colombian underground tombs and temples. It’s my kinda place. Beautiful ancient structures, gorgeous landscapes, such a rich history, full of vitality and interesting patterns, decoration, statues, pottery and fabrics. It’s all there. And it’s a World Heritage Site.

Tierrandentro. My favourite wonder of Colombia.

Ciao :)(:

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