How Would Your Life Be Different Without The Internet?

Post 270

Every ten questions, I like to tackle the big issues. Post 50. Do you like wooden floors or carpet floors? Post 100. Have you ever been to Sweden? Post 210. What is your favourite smell? Post 250. What are your thoughts on pancakes? Post 260. Whatever happened to picnics? Oh yes, I’m no stranger to the big issues. And this is a really big one.

Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way. My method of communiqué to you is through the intertubes. Okay, without it, I wouldn’t be here. I’d probably be talking to my goldfish. I mean, she’s dead but I probably would’ve got another one for company if it weren’t for the company I found online. Not that there’s anything wrong with a 23-year-old talking to a goldfish for hours on end. Oh no, not at all.

I do remember a world without the internet. In the future, my kids will think I’m really old when I say that. “I remember a world before Google. We trekked on tired old machines called buses for a large cluster of minutes to a place called a library, where we had books that are like e-readers but in paper form. A magical time when everything was a little brighter”. You could argue it’s an overreaction, but it really isn’t.

Socializing would be a problem for some. Not for me. It’s not what I do. Kids these days are unable to socialize outside of – whatever the heck Facetube is. Or whatever it’s called. People would actually help people who fall over like I do instead of being morons and filming it and putting it on Youbook. Or whatever it’s called. People would press actual buttons on machines to talk to people. It’s called a telephone. I remember telephones. And people would write letters and go around to see the relatives. A delightful world akin to a typical British country village. The world would be slower. We’d be less stressed, healthier, and live longer. People would go outside. To something called a park. Which these days are only really used for sexual activities by hippies. Massive conglomerate corporations would collapse. Local businesses would thrive. Proper communities. Crime would drop. The population would boom. Our culture would diversify. We’d use our brains. We’d know things. And we wouldn’t be able to check the weather online, anymore. Oh, no. We’d have to revert back to the glory days of sticking your head out of the window.

This sounds like a wonderful world. Indeed it would be. My dream world. But let’s not forget that the internet has brought people together. It connects us and it binds us. It enables us to do things we want to do but otherwise couldn’t. I’m only blogging because I’m shy and the internet is my only real connection with any humans. It’s vital for me.

So yes, the world without the internet would be a bit brighter but logic dictates we’re better off with it. That’s the way the world is nowadays. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

How would your life be different without the internet, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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