Which Is Your Favourite Natural Wonder Of Southwest England?

Post 272

Ah, the southwest. Famed for its cheese, seasides, booze and music. The UK capital of surfing and, judging by how cold our oceans are, madness. And, according to Wikipedia, it’s at the first level of NUTS for Eurostat purposes. I did click the blue NUTS link (ahem). The Wikipedia article it took me to had the title, ‘NUTS of the United Kingdom’. Make of that what you will. Google it if you don’t believe me. But be careful if you’re using a touch screen. Lawyers are expensive.

I haven’t been to the Southwest of England. I’ve been the Southeast. I’ve been to London. I haven’t been to the East of England. Or the West Midlands. Or the East Midlands. I live in Yorkshire and The Humber. I’ve been to the North West. Lovely lakes. And I’ve been to the North East. That’s four of our regions I haven’t been to and five I have. I just thought I’d tell you all this because it’ll be a question on the quiz I’ll have when I finish this blog in the year 2063. I’m already looking for retirement properties in New Caledonia.

I’m immediately ruling out the Isles of Scilly. I hate when whole places are made wonders. Why not make Egypt a wonder? Oh, that’s right, BECAUSE IT’S A PATHETIC THING TO DO! Oh Lordy-loo, the people behind this really didn’t know what they were doing, did they? I’ll rule out Exmoor and Dartmoor. You all know I can’t stand two of the same thing on a wonders question. Two moors. Ridiculous. It’s just a moor. Pick one. Fools. They didn’t learn their lesson, though. Oh, no. They also picked The Newquay Coast and The Jurassic Coast. TWO! Again! On the same bloody list! Jeez! Who are the voters? Pandas during mating season? Oh, boy. Let’s move on. Next, we have a tidal island. I have a phobia of tidal islands because the causeways can be dangerous and I can’t swim. So, for that reason, I wouldn’t even touch St. Michael’s Mount. And I’m sure he’d be disappointed by that.

So I’ll say Kynance Cove. It’s simply stunning. One of the most beautiful coastlines on Earth. It has really interesting landscapes and rock formations. It’s just gorgeous. A wonderful, ethereal, almost magical place.

Kynance Cove. My favourite natural wonder of Southwest England.

The Friday Bonus Question:

Plucked from the basement of the internet, a bewildering real question that defies logic and an answer, here for you to ponder:

What computer software should I use to change a child’s facial photo from crying to laughing?

Ciao :)(:

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