What Is The Worst Habit?

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Ah, habits. Those wonderfully malicious little buggers. A habit is, of course, a settled or regular tendency or practice that is especially hard to quit. The word originates from the Proto-Indo-European word ghabh, meaning ‘to seize, take, hold, have, give, receive’. It’s also an imaginary race of small, hairy humans.

Habits are a complicated thing, not unlike the creatures of the imagination of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. On the one hand, you have horrific habits like smoking, and on the other hand, you have picking your ears. So it’s important to grab a sense of perspective here.

Obviously, I could say something like skipping breakfast, which is bad for your metabolism and is proven to cause severe weight gain. Constant lying causes stress and reduces your lifespan. Going to bed with makeup on causes clogged pores and vision loss. And it’s been a while since I did that. Taking pills for various things causes problems. Eating quickly makes you ill, as does binge drinking and the aforementioned smoking. And wearing heels is a tragedy waiting to happen. Trust me on that. It does your joints no good. I must stress, it wasn’t on the night I wore makeup. That’s a – disturbing – picture. At best.

Habits that affect me. It’s more logical to choose one of those. I watch the tellybox for hours on end. Tsk, tsk. Not good for you. I eat a lot of junk food. Tsk, tsk. Again. I pick at my skin where acne has taken over in a hostile battle that I don’t think is fair. 23. Should’ve buggered off by now. Aye, shouldn’t pick at them, though. Wiping your nose with your hand, commonly known as Allergic Saluting. I don’t do that much anymore. Rhinotillexis. That’s the word for picking your nose. Seriously. And rhinotillexomania is one who is a compulsive nose-picker. Oh, come on. We all do it. Let’s not be glib about it. It’s done me no harm before. Apart from the occasional nosebleed, but I don’t get nosebleeds usually, so it’s okay. It’s a guy thing. I want my nose to bleed. I feel less of a man if it doesn’t. And rhinotillexis is the only way possible for me. It’s kinda hard to understand if you’re not a man.

So I’ll say onychophagia, the act of biting one’s nails. Personally, it’s something I’ve suffered from for years and it’s now a recognized medical condition, an impulse control disorder. I’ve quit several times and lapsed several times, and nothing has worked. It is shameful and, as personal habits of mine go, it’s the worst. The best treatment was putting an elastic band around my wrist and twanging myself when I bit. It hurt but it worked, but I relapsed because I’m so unconscious to the fact I’m doing it. I believe nothing will ever work permanently. I also have no willpower. So I’m screwed no matter what I do.

So, onychophagia. The worst habit because it’s the one that plagues me the most.

Ciao :)(:

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