What Is Your Favourite Wonder Of Portugal?

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Ah, Portugal. Like a nice Spain. Trust me on that. I’ve been to Portugal, a country located in Southwestern Europe. Lovely country. It has Europe’s oldest remaining tea company. The world’s oldest bookstore. The longest bridge in Europe, 10.5 miles long. The first pirate code was invented by a Portuguese man. It’s the largest cork producer on Earth and has the world’s largest cork forest. Should call it Corkugal. But don’t get me started on names. It’s illegal to name a child Portugal in Portugal. Fair enough. But it’s not illegal to name a child Spain. Something of an oversight considering their proximity, methinks.

The Seven Wonders of Portugal list is government approved. No idea why they saw it as a government priority, though. Initially, there were nearly 800 wonders on the list. Thankfully, for me, they narrowed it down. To seven. Obviously. It’s the theme. This is my 12th wonders question, so you’ve probably figured that out by now.

I’m gonna do something unorthodox, now. I’m ruling out the Belém Tower. I know, I know, I know. Controversial since you think it’s stunning. True. But it’s on water. You know I have a fear of water. Plus, it looks like its sinking. And it’s quite tall. And I can’t swim. And everyone would choose it, which takes some off some of its gloss. It’s making me queasy just looking at it. Óbidos Castle is a tad touristy. I don’t like touristy. I’m not touristy at all. In fact, the only thing I like about touristy is saying it because it’s incredibly fun to say. Touristy. Pena National Palace. Nope. I don’t like hills. Climbing. Not healthy. Lazy. I’m quite happy looking at the photos. Guimarães Castle is in a rather pretty locale. Nice for a picnic with the kids. But I don’t have kids. Or like picnics. And considering the castle is ruined, I don’t see any reason to pay a visit. The next three are all monasteries and thus makes it hard to pick one. So the one I’ll pick will not be Jerónimos Monastery or Monestire de Batalha, for one simple reason. I’ve been to the third once. Good enough for me!

On my Portuguese visit, I visited a Portuguese monastery. Because I was in Portugal. I don’t know if you got that. The Alcobaça Monastery was simply awe-inspiring. A truly wonderful building rich in religion and history. Such beautiful sculptures the eye simply cannot register. Gorgeous spaces rich in an incredibly ethereal atmosphere. Truly another planet. Plus, I got a peak into a room full of priests. Watching a soap opera on a satellite television. And they were drinking something out of bottles. So it’s certainly my kinda place.

The Alcobaça Monastery. My favourite wonder of Portugal.

Ciao :)(:

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