Are You Human Or Are You Dancer?

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Oh, for so long I’ve wanted to do this question. About five years. Which is incredible, because this blog isn’t that old. It sounds like I thought of a good question and then waited until I knew what to do with it. And here it is. Although it may need some explaining. I like explaining. Call me Mr. Explaining. No, wait, that’s a terrible name. The Explainer. That’s it. Call me that. But don’t confuse me with an ­ex-plainer. I’m not a plainer that’s become sentient and started a new career. I think.

There was an American journalist and author called Hunter Stockton Thompson. He stated that America was ‘raising a nation of dancers’. Think about that. Dancing is a controlled exercise. You follow a set of rules. A set of rhythms. You’re instructed. It’s a choreographed mass participation event. Everyone dances to one beat. It was a metaphor. Thompson simply meant that our children are growing up without an imagination. People are dancers. Following steps they were taught, and taught never to change. To follow the same beat. Afraid to follow their own path. To break the rhythm. To take any opportunity. To follow the same routine. Are we dancer? Or are we human?

This question was made popular by the American rock band, The Killers, whom I hate so very much. If any future people are reading, they were this band who was, ironically, metaphorically and in keeping with the theme, dancer. They released a song called Human and just about the only good thing about it was this question. Do you fit into the crowd or are we our own people? Human or dancer? Now you understand the question.

I don’t know. I don’t stand out from the crowd. I’d say I was a mixture. I tend to blend in out in public because being out in public is frightening for me. Occasionally, I try to break the social rules that bind that outside world. I think we all do, right? If somebody is in trouble, we help. We don’t walk on by, even though we ourselves might be stepping into danger or trouble. Logic dictates we walk on by. But we don’t. I don’t. That’s being human. But here in the comfort of my own home, I don’t follow those rules. I am my own man.

In general, I’d say it was best to be yourself. To use your judgment and not use other people’s judgment. Prove the late Hunter Thompson wrong. Be creative. Use your imagination. Be the best you can be. Don’t be dancer. Be human.

What am I? Both. But I know what I’d like to be.

Are you human or are you dancer, readers?

Toodle-pip :)(:

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