What If Money Grew On Trees?

Post 282

If I woke up and there was a tree in my back garden rich in fifty-pound notes, I would run outside, pluck off every note until I was surrounded knee-deep in cash, and then I would roll about in it naked. I’ve always said that’s what I’d do if I won the lottery. A money tree is the next best thing. Nobody would steel my money then. I hope. Bit weird if they do.

Violence would erupt rather quickly, I think. People trying to pocket everybody’s trees. Street warfare escalating into vicious riots on a daily basis. The death toll would be phenomenal. Society would collapse. I’d have to board up my windows in my home and hope I’d be left alone. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Within months, vast money tree forests would spring up, ‘governed’ by drug-lord types dominating their vast empires of wealth.

The government would be powerless. Money regulation would collapse and hyperinflation would bring the world to its knees. The world as we know it would be over. A new order would take control. The very poorest people, the residents of the most deprived neighbourhoods, would have to answer to the new kings of power. Seek refuge in the money forests in new shantytowns dominated by a tyrannical ruler. The crime rates in these new ‘settlements’ would be both ridiculously high and rich in the worst kind of crime. Poverty, disease, famine. No sense of order or logic. No justice. A terrifying new world.

In this world dominated by greed and lust, I’d try to get out of town. It would be difficult because the land will be dominated by hundreds of these money forests under the control of various nefarious rulers. Nowhere where I walk will I be outside of their territory. If I’m caught, I’m dead. A ‘citizen’ refusing to play by the new rules.

I’m convinced there’d be a safe haven. A place for the sane among us to live happily. Our own money forest. That’s where I’d try to get to. Our own fortress against the dictators. But it would only be a temporary truce. In the end, countries would turn on each other and warfare would break out. Homemade bombs. People trying to acquire other people’s wealth. More greed and darkness. Chemical weapons. We’d literally blow ourselves into extinction.

Is all that guaranteed to happen if money suddenly started to grow on trees? Absolutely. With no question of doubt, that is what would happen. Could we prevent it? Absolutely not. Is there a chance money would suddenly start growing on trees?

Probably not. But if it did? Run. Run as far and as fast as you can.

What would you do if money suddenly started growing on trees, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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