Are You An Idiot?

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One thing you may not know about me is that I work very hard on answering these questions. Plenty of research involved. I did an IQ test for this one. It was an online IQ test, so I do encourage you to question its validity. It was 103. Which is just below the UK average of 104. Officially, it makes me average. On the other hand, I did another IQ test elsewhere online and the results weren’t as encouraging. 73. Roughly the same as the average in Kazakhstan. Good to know.

But is measuring intelligence the best way to define an idiot? Just because somebody cannot multiply numbers, like me, called innumeracy (as opposed to illiteracy), doesn’t make me an idiot. We all know different things. This knowledge defines our culture and our society. We all have a place and a reason for living. At least at the start of life. I’m good with words. Problem solving. Usually involving tape, wool and aged wine. I’m good with spatial intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence. But it’s more than that, though. What about emotion? Sure, many emotions are highly illogical, so I believe, but a human with an IQ of 30 can still love. They may not have an understanding of love, but would you call them an idiot? If we take an ‘idiot’ as one without any intelligence whatsoever, then no would be the answer. Isn’t love a form of intelligence? I believe so. Ergo, we’re never truly devoid of intelligence.

Nowadays, though, an idiot is rather more colloquial. Somebody who isn’t ‘all there’. Well, look, I may fall out of attics, trip over Christmas Trees, and fall through shed roofs, but it hardly qualifies me as an ‘idiot’. Unlucky as fudge, perhaps, but still, not an ‘idiot’. I think this is a question that perhaps we shouldn’t ask anymore. The word ‘idiot’ is a term with disparaging connotations and I think we all need a level playing field. We all need to see each other as equal. Yeah, Person X might have a low IQ. But they’re still human.

Am I an idiot? No. No one is.

Toodle-pip :)(:

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