What Would You Do If You Discovered An Alien?

Post 298

Ah, little green men in their UFO’s. I presume we all know what UFO’s are. Not Unidentified Flag Operation. Utah Flyers Organization. Unbelievably Fun Object. Underground Freak Out. Ultimate Frisbee Organization. No, none of them. A craft from outer space. From beyond the moon! Yes, they’re here! They’re here! They’ve landed! Over on the mall! They’ve landed! Sorry, that’s from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Tell me, Hilda, does all this frighten you? Oh wait, that one doesn’t work.

The first issue is first contact, and I know plenty about that after watching plenty of episodes of Star Trek. We must be cautious, though. Remember, the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes had a picture on them of a naked man and woman. There is a distinct possibility, then, that the alien may rock up on our doorstep with his wang hanging out. Think of the children! “Sorry, I thought this is what you humans did judging by the photo I have of you. Why am I being put into a police car?”

I think I’d meet a friendly little alien. Alive and munching on grass. I’d take him into my home. Give him a name. Gerald. Aww, like a wittle baby. And don’t tell me babies don’t munch on grass. I’ve looked after a 16-month-old baby, believe me, they’re like goats. I’d show him things. Google. Wikipedia. Tell him about our world. Play the guitar for him. Watch him get scared by the noise, smash it up and proudly tell him he’s just like The Who. There’d be so much I’d like to teach little Gerald. Unfortunately, we have satellites. No doubt MI5, our resident alien hunters (I assume), will have seen his ship crash and be on their way. MI5? I think I could take them down. I’d just keep throwing things at them. Even Gerald, at one point, before I realized my mistake and got him back.

Before their arrival, I’d call all the major news networks. Put the news online. Let it go viral. Let the world know. I’d rush into my car and head to the local university. Awaiting me, a barrage of media. I’d rush Gerald though the crowd, announce him to the world, and head inside. I’d find a scientist to verify what I was saying and we’d go into lockdown. But we’d be surrounded. MI5 and armed police hammering on our front door. They’d break in. Encircle us, huddled together, and shoot. That’s what really would’ve happened at the end of ET if it were realistic. I’d lose my little Gerald. Because the authorities don’t give a damn, man. They don’t love! They don’t care! Did Gerald deserve that? Was he a threat? NO! He just wanted to eat some grass. I’d miss him.

Sorry, readers. That got a bit dark. And serious. Oh, I’m sure Gerald was okay. Just a scratch. They didn’t at all grind him up and put in a lasagne. Oh no, not at all. Ahem. So, that’s what I’d do if I met an alien. No, not grind him into a lasagne. I’d care for him.

Although the lasagne option does sound tempting.

Toodle-pip :)(:

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