Which Is Your Favourite Wonder Of India?

Post 304

Ha! You thought my Wonders Of X series were gone – think again! I have 22 remaining. And 40 in total. So that makes this… erm, oh crap – erm, no, no, I’ll get it. Aha! I got it. I got it. 18th. No, wait, 16th. 17th? Meh. Who cares? Because we’re on to India. Good old Bharat Ganrajya. The seventh-largest country on Earth. The second most populous. Where an Indian mathematician named Baudhayana first calculated PI. His results? Delicious.

But there’s more to India than this. Chess was invented there. They’ve never invaded another country. Seems to be working for them. Wonder why that hasn’t caught on. They produce more beans than anyone else does. And they are really bean crazy about bananas. They export more than any other country. It has the largest number of vegetarians of any country. Home to the only blind dolphin species on Earth. And Indians invented the number zero. Seriously. They are famous for inventing nothing. That’s a great quiz question, by the way.

This wonders list was compiled by The Times of India.

I’m gonna be brave and immediately rule out the Taj Mahal. There are so many tourists it’s unbelievable. You simply cannot enjoy something that is crawling with thousands of people every second. 54,000 visitors a day. You can’t enjoy it fully. When I went to The Empire State Building, we had to stand in a queue for two hours to undergo security checks that included something called a bomb scanner, then we went to the top, and we couldn’t move. We were like sardines in a frying pan. It just marred the experience. Nalanda, next. It’s a pyramid. I’m not a fan of pyramids. The ones in Egypt just ruined all of them, for me. Konark Sun Temple and Hampi are very pretty but large parts of them are ruined and hmm, I’m not a fan of ruins. Khajuraho, next. I’m sorry, this is gonna sound close-minded, but what kind of debauchery went on at bloody Khajuraho? It’s iconic. You see it in every National Geographic documentary on India. But have you actually looked at the carvings? It’s like a tapestry of what happens in an underground highly illegal sex dungeon. There’s a carving of a man with his doodle in a horse’s rear. And there’s another man doing something unpleasant at the other end. And do you know what the worst part is? The horse seems to be enjoying it. Oh crap, I’m not picking that. Oh, I’m mortified. No. Moving on. I could easily pick Bahubali, a naked monolithic statue, but there’s a part of him that is equally as monolithic, and after Khajuraho-gate, I’m not really in the mood for more penis shenanigans.

So I’ll pick Harmandir Sahib, colloquially known as The Golden Temple. It is stunning. So incredibly beautiful. It’s a work of art. Truly majestic and ethereal, it has an otherworldly quality that the eye really cannot register. It’s breathtaking and iconic and you cannot ask for more than that in a wonder.

Harmandir Sahib. My favourite wonder of India.

Toodle-pip :)(:

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