What Is Your Favourite Direction?

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A course along which something moves or the course that must be taken in order to reach a destination. Of course you know what a direction is. A direction is a direct movement along an associated course of the direction you directed yourself to direct along in the first place. Not so simple, huh? What is a direction, is my question. And no, it isn’t a man who dies aroused. That’s something else entirely.

One can obviously travel in a multitude of directions. One can even bring direction to one’s doorstep. Warp drive brings there to here. Three-dimensional travel in one-dimensional space/time. Of course, there are more than three dimensions. The fourth dimension is an abstract concept of spatial dimension rendering any direction within it unknowable because that direction is beyond the human comprehension of such a term. Equally, the fifth dimension revels in a similar confusion but exacerbates the application by way of a hypothetical dimension beyond the usual three spatial dimensions and one-time dimension of Relativity. And the sixth dimension is a concept that offers six degrees of freedom in an infinite amount of space rendering life as we know it an abstract piece of nonsense like this entire paragraph.

Of course, inter-dimensional travel is a messy business. Within our own existence, we have writing directionality, the direction of the tonal voice, stage directions, action directions and standard anatomical location directions. Not to even mention the relative directions of the ZXY axis, your up, backward, left, right, forward and down directions. Or, for that matter, cardinal direction, the type you find on an overly complex compass. And we’re only talking about the English language, here. In languages such as Finnish, Estonian and Breton, the ordinal directions are not even compounds. In Hawaii and Bali, they have additional directions such as seaward, and toward the mountains. And in Egypt, they have the official directions of upstream and downstream. In the Lengo language, the only directions they have are landward, seaward, upcoast and downcoast. What is a direction? How can one define something defined differently in every language?

The number of potential directions is infinite, and an infinite number of directions are infinitesimally indescribable within the normal laws of human logic, not to mention that there is no ‘standard’ compass because there are many different compasses. Humankind is without direction. Like time, it is an invented construct. There are no directions. Only the decisions we make guide us in whatever way possible. There can be no direction. The world is a mess of directionless abstract nonsensical gibberish.

Like this entire post.

With that in mind, do you have a favourite direction, readers?

Toodle-pip :)(:

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