Would You Live on the Moon?

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For a very long time we have dreamt of colonizing the moon. Of driving around in space buggies, using the solar waves of our star to power our habitation domes where we live with our children and sexy wives. A beautiful utopia with the Earth as our vista. A glorious blue marble that greets us when we wake every morn. But it’s all bollocks. When have the words ‘utopia’ and ‘human’ ever mixed successfully? Have you seen the movie Moon? That’s exactly what it would be like. Crap. What’s wrong with Earth?

First of all, we can’t create gravity. So I’d have to spend my days floating around in the misery of solitude. Because it’s cheaper to send just one idiot up there, after all. I like relaxing. But you can’t relax when you can’t stop moving. What am I doing now? Typing. I like typing. But my fingers would keep floating away. Nightmare. What about putting my socks on because the moon is very cold? Every time I’d lean forward, I’d simply do a forward somersault. Continuously until I hit a wall. I’d then spend the rest of the day bouncing off all the other walls. And what about urination? I’m not having a catheter inserted down my doodle. You can bugger right off, sunshine.

And then there’s the constant night. You’d be lucky to have only a few hours of sunshine. Your only solution is to live at the North Pole but that would never be dark and that would be like living in Iceland. I don’t want to live in Iceland. I’m already disorientated from spinning all day and now I can’t get any bloody sleep. This is crap. Complete crap. WHO THOUGHT LIVING ON THE MOON WAS A GOOD IDEA!

And there is the actual moon. Rich in volatile chemicals. UV radiation. The low gravity field would eventually kill a human being. Rocks hitting the surface every five minutes. And when the moon passes through the Earth’s magnetotail, the plasma sheet creates an electric charge of over 1,000 volts. 1,000! Jeez. Is NASA trying to kill me, by any chance? And then there’s moon dust. You know, it’s just like asbestos. You breathe in any of it you’ll be dead in minutes. Mind you, the starvation would probably kill me long before that because a lunar night is 354 hours long and crop growing would be impossible, and at the North Pole, the crops would be fried. Seriously, who thinks this is a good idea? It’s suicidal, people!

Look at that photo on the top right of this post. I took that photo earlier this year. That’s what I can see most days from my bedroom window. It’s beautiful. A shining jewel high above our Earth. A stunning object that we are proud to have along with us in this journey through space. I look up at that moon and I smile. But not because it fills me with joy. But because I’m glad I don’t live on that hellhole.

Bearing all that in mind, would you live on the moon, readers?

Toodle-pip :)(:

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