What Planet Would You Like to Live On?

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Oh boy, here we go. What is a planet? “You must include Pluto!” “No, don’t, it’s not a planet!” “What about Ceres?” “No Ceres, Sedna instead”. Oh, for the love of Jebus, who cares? I’m not a scientist. I don’t care. If it goes around the Sun, then that’s good enough for me. I’m not getting dragged into a planetary debate. Oh, and yes, Pluto isn’t a planet. What kind of person considers Pluto a planet? Clearly, people who know nothing about space. If the largest object in the Asteroid Belt, Ceres, isn’t a planet, then why is the largest object in the identical but separate Kuiper Belt, Pluto, a planet? Simply put, it isn’t. Simple! Move on. Get over it. Pluto is useless. End of story.

The following are major Sun orbiting objects.

I can’t choose the Earth because that’s the planet I live on currently, and I’m hardly going to choose Pluto. I can also rule out Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos or Hydra, because they are the moons of Pluto and that would mean I had to look at that pathetic little rock every day. Out goes Jupiter and Saturn, because they are mainly gas. In fact, only their cores are solid but by the time I’d reach them, I’d be quite dead. I couldn’t live on Uranus. Imagine the jokes my friends would hurl at me. It’s impossible to live on Neptune. Venus and Mercury are ridiculously hot. The Trans-Neptunian and Kuiper Objects are far away and we don’t know a lot about them. So I think it’s logical to rule out the likes of Varuna, Altjira, Borasisi, Sila-Nunam, Chaos, Deucalion, Teharonhiawako, Quaoar and Rhadamanthus. And oh, Mars is too obvious, really.

I narrowed it down to Makemake, Ixion, Salacia and Haumea. But the one I went for was Eris. I’ve never worked this hard or spent this long answering a question, with the research and everything else. But I really fell in love with Eris. It’s a lovely lump of grey. It would’ve been lovelier if the original name had stood, Lila. Meh. Eris will have to do. I’d need some sort of habitation dome to live there, but it would be nice. It’s three times farther away from the Sun than Pluto and 27% bigger at 1,445 miles in diameter. It’s the most distant natural object in the solar system and it takes 557 Earth years to orbit the Sun. And it may even have an internal heat source. Its discovery was originally classified by NASA as our tenth planet and led to the reclassification of Pluto and gave us, for the first time, a definition of what a planet is. Pluto’s demotion famously made one of the discoverers of Eris delighted.

And you know what the best part is? At the right time, it can be seen from Earth with an amateur telescope. Why is that interesting? Because that means I can see the Earth. Home. Which would be nice.

Eris. The ‘planet’ I’d live on if I didn’t live on Earth.

What ‘planet’ would you live on readers? Note, Pluto isn’t an acceptable answer.

He, he, he…

Ciao :)(:

Photo: Eris (that lump of grey in the foreground)

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