How Do You Kill Boredom?

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If that’s one of the Seven Dwarves, I refuse to answer this question. Boredom is, of course, the state of being bored. What is bored? It’s such a strange word. Go on, say it three times. Bored, bored, bored. Semantic satiation. That’s when you repeat a word so many times it becomes gibberish. A study in one university repeated the word ‘plant’ on a tape, on a loop, to a room full of students, for four minutes. At the end, some students were hearing the word ‘twentieth’. Of course, engaging oneself in the act of semantic satiation is an extreme example of how to kill boredom, an activity that will eventually result in boredom creating a circular loop that could very well cause the universe to explode.

Semantic satiation is highly interesting because it makes you doubt the universe. The space around your brain. A mind-blowing incomprehensible state of neurotic neuron busting madness. If the word ‘plant’ becomes the word ‘twentieth’ then how do we know the word ‘plant’ exists at all? Maybe ‘plant’ is a cover and semantic satiation dictates that when we hear ‘twentieth’ we’re actually hearing what ‘plant’ really is. Our ears are deceiving us, so what’s to say our eyes aren’t deceiving us? Or even our senses? Is anything real? Because if semantic satiation is anything to go by, then the whole universe is an iridescent fractal inducing groovy granola bomb.

Your mind becomes convinced of this sort of thing when you’re bored, and I’m bored a lot. Look at that photo on the top right. A summary of boredom. That’s I on a good day. Charles Dickens invented the word boredom. There are three types. When we’re prevented from engaging in an activity, when we are forced to engage in an unwanted activity (wandering around a shop looking at unnecessary and pointless things after your partner got distracted during Christmas shopping, for example), or when, for no reason, we cannot concentrate on anything. Apparently, it’s strongly linked to depression and social anxiety.

Oh, spiffing.

I find things to do. I do a lot on Excel. Make things. I know all about coding, visual basic, macros and formula. You name it, I can eventually do it. All this knowledge explains why I’m such a ladies magnet. I built a dictionary with search and definition look up functions. I was told by several experts that it was impossible. Pah. What do they know? I managed it. I also write. I nap. I’m a photographer, so I take photos. I clean, because there’s always dirt. Dirty, dirty cornice. Ridiculous. I watch the tellybox. Put on the old radiola. Radio 4 or the local football, usually. Do the internetting. Pretend I know what any of it is. And does, for that matter.

So that’s how I kill boredom. Not the dwarf, though. You’ll have to figure that one out for yourselves, readers.

How do you kill boredom, readers?

Toodle-pip :)(:

Photo: A representation of boredom

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  1. I knew what semantic satiation was, but did not know the name of it. Thank you for that.

    I think your life sounds interesting enough. Sorry you’re not having luck with the ladies. I’m not having any particular luck with the lads either. I’ve been given to understand that, if I find contentment within myself, I’ll have no particular need for lads at all.

    My counselor today told me that doing anything with running water (wash dishes, clothes, shower) helps with emotional distress – something about negative ions. Maybe it would help with boredom.

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