Which Is Your Favourite Wonder of the Industrial World?

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The Industrial Revolution. A time when men were men and women were – erm, something not sexist. Gardening. Yes. That’ll do. Did people have gardens? No? Oh, crap. Erm, well. Erm. No. They often did stay at home and do homely things. But that was then. The world has changed a lot. We’ve gone from the world of steam powered megalithic super-machines to steam… irons. Men have gone from washing the grimy coal from their brows, and then downing a pint of real ale, to washing off the ink smudge on the little finger of the writing hand, and then slowly consuming a pinch of margarita. And women… are jolly lovely.

The Industrial Revolution, born here in Northeast England, occurred from 1760 to 1840. Ish. It affected everything and the world was truly never the same again. Some argue it was a good thing. Others, not. But, either way, it did give the world modern wonders. Wonders of that industrial world. Which was a smashing docudrama on BBC 1 that aired 10 years ago. But which is my favourite?

I’m immediately ruling out The London Sewer Network. I’ve never found myself particularly enamoured by a carrier of waste. Or London. I’m also ruling out The Transcontinental Railroad, partly because not much is left anymore but also because of its connections to slavery. One of the reasons for its creation was to create more ‘slave states’. Not a great wonder, really. The Panama Canal was beset by problems and led to the death of 25,000 people. It’s ridiculous. It’s smeared with blood. The SS Great Eastern was an impressive ship, but she’s jinxed. She’s jinxed, I tells ya! Its construction was marred by accidents, scandal and misfortune, including a huge fire. Two people were even murdered and buried in its hull. It even caused the untimely death of its designer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful. I walked across her. But there are always lots of people and traffic on her and it was so difficult to photograph the actual bridge. As an amateur photographer, I find that irritating. So, pedantically, I’ll rule her out. Next is The Hoover Dam. I’m ruling her out because I prefer my final choice, but that’s not a good enough reason. So I’m going be the most pedantic I’ve ever been just to rule her out. A wonder isn’t a wonder if a wonder isn’t finished. Ergo, there’s no actual wonder at all. Is The Hoover Damn finished? No. The concrete is still drying. Bye, bye Hoover Dam…

I’ll go for the Bell Rock Lighthouse. Although not particularly beautiful, it is incredible. Its base is under the sea most days. How the heck did they build it? It’s widely seen as the one of the most difficult engineering challenges ever undertaken and it’s phenomenal. What an incredible structure. It was finished in 1810. Just with muscle and hard work in one of the roughest seas on Earth. It truly deserves to be labelled a wonder.

The Bell Rock Lighthouse. My favourite wonder of the industrial revolution.

The Friday Bonus Question:

Plucked from the basement of the internet, a bewildering real question that defies logic and an answer, here for you to ponder:

How can I get my dad arrested for not buying me a lizard?

Ciao :)(:

Photo: The Bell Rock Lighthouse

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  1. Maybe his dad did not BUY him the lizard, he STOLE it? That would be grounds for arrest. It’s all in how you stress the words.

    I did not know that fact about the TC Railroad. Thank you for educating me. Nor did I know of the Bell Rock Lighthouse, but my lighthouse knowledge is a bit spotty.

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