What Are You Thinking?

Post 327

Thought. The ideational mental activity contrasted with emotional activity that produces the flow of ideas, symbols, associations and brings forth concepts and ideas. Thoughts occur in their thousands every day, or, if you’re me, in the tens, if I’m lucky. A continuous showreel cataloguing the events that shape our lives. What is a thought? You think you know? How do you know you think you know? Because, as scientists tell us, we have no idea what thought is. Literally, no understanding whatsoever. You think I know what I’m thinking? How do I know what I’m thinking is a thought at all? How can a thought be a thought if a thought has no definition? Thought. Think about it. Oh wait, you can’t.

We rationalize our thoughts and speak of them to others, but if we have no understanding of what we’re talking about, how do we know what we’re talking about is what really happened? You say you trust your thoughts, but how can you trust something to which you don’t understand? It’s exactly the same as having no memory of how to drive but feeling comfortable driving. It’s an insane prospect. How do you know you’re driving? If you can’t grasp a memory of how to drive then how do you know what you are doing? You might be painting. It is a ridiculous concept because you know what a painting looks like.

Or do you?

Your knowledge of a painting is based on a thought, a recollection of a memory, almost certainly a large collection of memories. But if we don’t know what thought is then how is it possible that we can categorically say anything is real? We can’t. We can use logic to categorically deny the existence of everything. And if nothing exists then how can one possibly state they can think? That we have thoughts? Nobody knows what causes them or how they work.

A thought on top of a thought and perception on top of perception dilutes thoughts to such a degree that the foundations of those thoughts are impossible to know. Imagine the number three. Rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise. Now place it on top of a letter ‘V’. You have a heart. So is the three is a three or is the three a part of a heart, and is the heart a heart or is the heart of a part of love, or is love a part of the heart and the heart the number three and the letter ‘V’? We simply cannot know. And that’s what makes life so exciting. Everything is real and nothing is real all at the same time. We’re falling through space at 1,000 miles-per-hour and we’re helpless, disorganized and useless. And that is so fun!

What am I thinking? I don’t give a hoot! I can’t think because thinking is impossible!

What are you thinking readers?

Ciao :)(:

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  1. I’m thinking that you read my mind. I was having a very similar conversation last night. If you don’t think, do you exist? Correspondingly, if you are asleep and not dreaming, do you exist? How do you know?

    Cool, um, thoughts.

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