What Is Your Favourite Cut of Meat?

Post 328

328 POSTS, WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT! Of course I’m down to cuts of meat! What else is there! Cuts of meat are all I have, people! I’ll be down to a favourite toothpaste, next! This one doesn’t even make sense! Why do we have a favourite cut of meat? Surely the prime aim is eating. It all goes down the same hole, as father would say. We shouldn’t care where it comes from on a cow. I’m pretty sure the cow doesn’t care.

Of course, talking about pieces of an animal that other people have ripped to pieces for consumption may not come as much of a comfort to vegetarians, vegans and other such hippies that might be reading. It would be like chaining them to a chair, taping their eyes open and forcing them to watch a documentary on a slaughterhouse. Many would argue that this shouldn’t matter because animals are meant to be eaten. We are carnivores. I don’t see any pigs eating salads. But Free Will is a different issue. My biggest issue is the difference betwixt nations. Many countries use different terminologies. But there was one that was first, the original, and is the best today. So I’ll use the terminology from good old Britannica.

The following are from a cow.

There are many cuts I have never tried. Shin, brisket, chuck and blade, silverside, thick and thin rib, flank, thick flank, neck and clod, leg and oxtail. And the location of topside has always deterred me from venturing into that particular cut. Rump cut is often too thick and firm for me. Although the flavour is magnificent, it’s just too large. Sirloin cut is also wonderful, especially for a Sunday roast. Preferably boneless, it’s lean and tender. And from that we also get the good old-fashioned T-Bone. Oh boy, I hate them. There’s something really counterintuitive about nibbling on bone. Eugh.

I’ll go for the fore rib cut. The part of a cow, one of only two types of meat I eat, that I eat the most. Proper steaks. Lovely, lovely steaks. A thick, chewy, mouth-watering Goddess of meat. So, so juicy. And tasty. And orgasmic. Ah, boy. Pure heaven. A haven of meaty goodness. Mmm. I’m drooling at the thought.

Fore rib cut. My favourite cut of meat.

What is your favourite cut of meat, carnivore readers?

Toodle-pip :)(:

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