What If People Could Hear Your Thoughts?

Post 337

A strange turn on the usual. One often discovers questions relating to mindreading, but often about other people. Indeed, I answered that question. And I quickly deduced that I’d be a worthless lump. But what if the tables were turned? What if others could hear my thoughts? That’s the funny thing about all this. We can’t know if there are people who can. Not to make you paranoid. Oh no, not at all.

Mindreading is tricky business. Other people would turn up the volume of various devices to drown me out. So I’d have to suffer with a ridiculous amount of noise all the time. And people would be rude to me. Telling me to be quiet. And that would cause nothing but chaos in places such as libraries. People would know what I thought of them. And the consequences of that could go either way. It would be impossible to form relationships and friendships, and either that I am currently involved with would suffer massively. I’d have to invent a device to stop ‘people’ reading my mind. A tinfoil hat is often said to do the trick.

In the end, it wouldn’t be a great thing. If people could hear my thoughts, I’d be a paranoid shaking wreck. A worthless lump.

Funny, that’s how my last mindreading question ended…

Merry Christmas :)(:

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