Which Is Your Favourite Natural Wonder of the Midlands?

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You don’t think of the United Kingdom as being home to any separatist movements, do you? Yet, in the Midlands, we have two distinct groups vying for independence. But because we’re British, we ignore them. No one is entirely sure how serious Sovereign Mercia is, but The Acting Witan of Mercia is deadly serious. Mercia was the name of the Midlands before the United Kingdom was formed. And the Witan folk want it back. In 2003, they marched on Victoria Square in Birmingham and declared independence. Seriously. “We hereby declare that this constitution is now the ultimate legal authority in Mercia”, they said. We all had a good old chuckle, much to their annoyance. But it’s bulletproof. You want your own country in Eastern Europe, you have a war. You want your own country here in England, you get finger pointing and laughing. It’s so incredibly British. I find it a travesty that the Witan aren’t on this natural wonder list. They are a wonder. It’s a wonder they even bothered marching in 2003. Whilst I’m wholeheartedly against their petty squabbles, I thought I’d take this chance to mention Witan. They summarize the Midlands. Colourful, characterful and completely loopy (insert smiley face here).

Wenlock Edge is not the name of a Victorian inventor. It’s actually the edge of a cliff. An escarpment. I believe it’s the first edge to ever appear in a wonders list. Well, as captivating as that is, let’s move on. Sherwood Forest. Created as a home for Royal Hunting. Which is very wrong, and immediately makes me not like it. It’s also the home of Robin Hood. Whom I don’t like. Vigilantes are best suited to nighttime television. There are two Peak Districts on this list, so I can rule them out. Can’t have two of the same thing on one list. Creswell Crags look suspiciously like a cluster of rocks. I’m sure some people love that, but not me. And then we have Blue John Cavern. Another set of caves. Although I’d really like to know what made John Cavern blue…

I’ll go for Beacon Hill in Leicestershire. A popular country park. 330 acres of grassland and woodland, recreation and fine walks. A great place for a picnic. And some fascinating rocks at the summit. Including the Old Man of the Beacon. Which I love. It’s a very pretty area and a great wonder.

Beacon Hill. My favourite natural wonder of the Midlands/Mercia.

Ciao :)(:

Photo: The Old Man of the Beacon

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