How Real Is Real?

Post 344

The reality-virtuality continuum is the continuous scale ranging from the completely virtual to the completely real, therefore, it encompasses all compositions and variations of reality and virtuality. The three basic realities, reality, virtuality and mediality, a new age word meaning ‘a perceived reality influenced through the media one is exposed to’, are all different points on a graph. If we plot a point in the middle of that graph, one can perceive that point as being in a mixed reality. That point exists simultaneously in three separate realities. If we take augmented reality, a first-person shooter game, as a point of reality inside our actual reality, then we exist in two distinct realities at the same time. But what’s to say our reality is the reality? That videogame could be controlling us, making the videogame the reality and our reality the augmented reality. How real is real? ‘Tis the question, readers.

One could argue that we ourselves, humankind, created that videogame. How could it be perceived as the actually reality? That’s a great point. It’s not as if we have videogames where we can create our own universe. Oh, wait, we do. How do we know we are not the victim of a teenage spotty demigod? Playing his latest game. A game that became sentient. Machines will become sentient, one day. And what about the videogame player? If the game inside is that of a virtual reality, it’s entirely logical to assume that it becomes real, too. And many years down the line, evolves to create videogames. A first-person shooter. A window through time to our ancestors. It may sound like the ramblings of a lunatic, but science proves me plausible. Because you cannot categorically deny that scenario as being true. That videogame is a videogame inside a videogame. We cannot prove that we are nothing but ones and zeros. Thus this creates an interesting paradigm, readers.

If we are virtual and the product of a super-brain, then what’s to say our creation of videogames wasn’t predetermined in the programming that created us? A window inside the creation. A way to burst the impenetrable bubble of our virtual universe. When we play our videogames, we are contacting our creator. And they watch on us.

This all sounds like religion, to me. And none of it can be disproved. Or proved. We don’t know if we’re real. We don’t know if we were created. We don’t know if videogames are real and we are not. Maybe in 1000 years time when we have polluted the air beyond repair, we travel back through time and become our own creators. Maybe that videogame universe we created was our own and we break out of it to go back and create it.

WE CANNOT KNOW! We don’t know what is real! How real is real? Really, I have no idea. Anything and everything could be real, or everything and nothing could be real. It’s a mind-boggling, nut-crunchingly, brain-busting catastrophe of hellish endeavour to try to figure out. We were given Free Will for one reason, and one reason only. To pass the time between birth and death debating pointless nonsense.

It doesn’t matter how real is real, is what I would say. We just live. We come into the world screaming, spend our time screaming and die screaming. Well, I do. That’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter that we may or may not be real. That’s not the point of living.

Live life and let life live you.

Ciao :)(:

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