Are You a Nerd?

Post 350

WHAT? What gave you that impression? Sure, the word originates from the 1940s slang nert, meaning, “a stupid or crazy person”, a variation of nut, which certainly summarizes me, but it doesn’t mean that anymore. Heck, the first use of the word nerd is in a Doctor Seuss book. He coined the word in 1950. And I really don’t look like that. A nerd is someone who is overly intellectual, obsessive and socially impaired. They spend their time engaging in nonmainstream activities that others deem unpopular. I’m often called a nerd. In fact, I met someone recently who I knew way back in school who described me as, ‘the nerdiest nerd in the whole of nerdom’. Huh? Wha-? Really? Oh. That’s not good, is it? I’d rather people see me as the dropout I was instead of something I’m not. So why was I labelled a ‘nerd’?

I’m not intellectual but I look intellectual, so I’m a fraud if anything. I failed many of my lessons in school and left with hardly any decent grades. I’m not technical. I can make technology work, but it’s usually a Fonzy fist bump. Usually does the trick. I’m not into comic books or fantasy. Don’t like board games or those fantasy games with what I presume are elves. I listen to rock, punk, metal, post-rock and punk metal. Explains my long hair and crap, monotone clothes. I am socially awkward and not familiar with social conventions, but that’s not driven by nerdishness, that was caused by bullying and social ignorance.

I don’t care what people think of me. I look like a dick and I don’t care. I prefer social isolation, the quietness enriches me. And yes, I’m not popular. I have no friends. Literally, not one in the real world. But I’d like to think of a few people I know online as acquaintances. Popularity isn’t important in life. I wear glasses. Hate them. I do have acne, can’t be helped, science has now proved it’s totally random. I am thin, pasty white and unfit. I never go out. The outside is terrifying. I’ve never smoked tobacco or drugs, and I don’t drink. And girls? Well, yes, I’ve never had a girlfriend and yes, I don’t think there’s a need for one since I don’t need a girl to achieve what I want in life. It’d be nice to try sex once, but it’s hardly a priority. That shed really needs painting.

I think I’m perceived as a nerd but I’m not actually a nerd. I’m happy. Life is nice. It’s never perfect but you know what, life isn’t meant to be perfect. It’s meant to have its challenges, otherwise you’d never grow as a person. But it’s also black and white. It’s not complex. We don’t need to be labelled. We all have a place in society. The nerds make it function and the jocks are there to make the nerds stronger. And as for the rest of us, it’s up to us to define ourselves.

Am I a nerd? No. No one is. We just ‘exist’.

Ciao :)(:

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  1. I like that you are just as you are. It seems to work for you. You are wonderfully literate and creative.

    I’ll take that hug now.

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