What Are Your Thoughts on Bowls?

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The segment of the alimentary canal extending from the pyloric sphincter of the stomach to the anus and, in humans and other mammals, consists of two segments, the small intestine and the large intestine. In humans, the small intestine is further subdivided into the duodenum, jejunum and – I’ve misread the question, haven’t I? Oh, dagnabbit. Oh, no. I did lots of research on bowels. I looked up the etymology of sphincter because I thought it’d be funny. It’s really not. It’s from the Greek sphingein, meaning, “to squeeze”. Mind you, I suppose it’s a blessing because we don’t really have opinions on our organs, do we? “Ah, my spleen, it’s an awful colour”. I presume bowels are organs. I’m not really sure, I failed maths. And I wasn’t good at English, either.

Bowls is a sport. A very British sport. Even though the Egyptians invented it. You have to roll a biased ball toward a smaller ball called a jack, or a kitty if you think ‘jack’ is sexist. Presumably, by people who have no grasp of the English language. You have to get as close to the jack as possible. And so on. Sir Francis Drake was a keen bowler. He was playing at Plymouth Hoe when the Spanish Armada showed up. It wasn’t a jolly visit, they were here to kick the crap out of us. You see, I would have panicked and started throwing my bowls at the ships. “We still have time to finish the game and to thrash the Spaniards, too”, said Drake. So, you see, the Egyptians may have come up with it, but the British found a way to civilize it. “Oh no! It’s the Spaniards! Where’s my tea and scones? We have a game to finish, people!”

A jack is something that is small, hence ‘jack-rabbit’. This is why we use the term ‘jack’. It was originally called a ‘jack-bowl’. When supplies were in low demand during the Second World War, we couldn’t make jacks, so we used little kittens instead, hence the alternative term ‘kitty’. They were frightened stiff by all the big heavy bowls being thrown at them, so they didn’t really move much. I may have made this up.

Bowls was introduced to the world by the vast British Empire and it’s now a colossal success around the world. Bowls, that is. We lost the Empire. Apparently, bowls improves one’s confidence. Well, balls have never worked for me before…

I’m not a great follower of bowls, but I think it’s a great game. Really interesting and fun to play. It’s a traditional game and one I’m not very good at, but I like it. I will probably be one of those people when I’m old and grey, down by the local club enjoying a game now and then. Yes. If you think my main blog is interesting now, wait until I’m 60 and it’s nothing but bowl talk.

Do you like bowls, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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