If You Found a Baby in a Cornfield after a Meteor Crash, Would You Keep It?

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Oh yeah, of course. That’s exactly what I’d do. That’s the logical thing, isn’t it? Oh yes, screw the radiation or the possibility of smoke inhalation, I’m going in there. No idea why. Nothing could possibly survive that impact, so really, why am I bothering to risk my life for the sake of curiosity? Oh wait, I hear crying. That’s odd. And completely unrealistic. In fact, why did it take so long for Martha and Jonathan Kent to realize something wasn’t right? They’ve just found a baby in an impact crater, that’s somehow miraculously survived, and they didn’t realize it wasn’t a normal baby until it helped to change a tyre? I mean, what? Why were these people entrusted with the safety of a child when they are clearly completely stupid? What would I do if I found a baby in a crater in a cornfield? Grab it and run as far away as possible from crazy hillbillies who wouldn’t think to report it to the proper authorities. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Jeezum crow, give me strength…

This is, of course, what happens at the beginning of Superman. And yes, the baby is an alien, so, sort of makes sense it could survive. But this question removes the fictional element. Something crashed, best described as a meteor. A baby was found lying inside. Where did it come from? From space? Or, more likely, did somebody put the baby in there, somebody who couldn’t handle having a child? Perhaps on their way to the convent to leave it with some nuns, happened to walk by a meteor crash, and was a massive fan of Superman. People do still leave unwanted children on a nun’s doorstep, right? Just a guess. I don’t understand that. What kind of person thinks, ‘I can’t raise this child, but I know a nun who can!’ You are aware that they take the child to an orphanage like, 99% of the time. Why are we talking about nuns? I like nuns.

There I am. Cornfield. Do we have cornfields in the UK? Oh, yes. We do. Good. I find a baby. I don’t want children. But you couldn’t leave it there, could you? I wouldn’t know what to do. Take it to an orphanage? Well, I don’t know any. I’d have to look in the Yellow Pages, probably. Do they advertise? I really don’t know, I’m lost. I could take the child to the police. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But think about it, readers. You tell the police you found a baby in a cornfield, they won’t believe you. So you can’t take it to the police. They may even suspect you of wrongdoing. Oh, boy. I know. I know what to do. I’d go to the hospital and put the child in the back of an ambulance. There are always loads of them park outside with their doors open, unattended. I’d put the child inside and run. And if the police come knocking, I’m sure we can all get it sorted out.

It’s a strange question. I’ve never thought about it before. But I certainly wouldn’t keep it. Or leave it with a nun…

Would you keep the baby, readers?

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