Do You Associate with Generation Y?

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Ah, the generation game. Does it have a purpose or is it just a system of labelling? I keep coming across it. The Lost Generation, The Greatest Generation, The Silent Generation, The Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and now Generation Z. The ‘greatest’? The ‘baby boomers’? So basically, the rest of us aren’t that great and are terrible at copulation. Well, aint that swell? I don’t like being defined. Reverse the fortune. We may look upon ‘the greatest’ and ‘the copulators’ with a slight sadness in our eyes, but do they like being labelled that? A generation of greatness and a generation of randy buggers? Yes. What a stupid thing to say. Of course they like that. Great and horny. It’s ridiculous. What’s next? We’re up to ‘Z’. We’re out of letters. We’re just gonna start making up crap. Like ‘the noughties’. Well, let’s make a start, eh? I hereby name the next generation, The Pineapple Generation. No particular reason. It’s that’s sort of generation. Everything’s a hoot!

Let’s get our years sorted. The Lost Generation. 1883-1900. The Greatest Generation. 1901-1924. The Silent Generation. 1925-1942. The Baby Boomers. 1943-1963. Generation X. 1964-1983. Generation Y. 1984-2003. And Generation Z. 2004 onwards. It’s appropriate, isn’t it, that the longest generation was the greatest and the second longest was the baby boomers. Oh man, I feel old. People born in 2004 are 10. TEN! Holy crap of mercy. That was like… yesterday. Hmm. Ah, well. What am I? That’s the question here. I’m cross-generational. I was born in Generation Y and I’m living in Generation Z. That’s the problem. Generation Y was the ‘80s and I hate the ‘80s, and Generation Z is the 2000s, and I hate the 2000s. I’m liking the ‘10s, though. Maybe I’m a Pineappler.

The Y’s are social and family orientated. Nope. Massive ego. God no. Care deeply about society. Not really, no, it’s fallen down the pan and been flushed to kingdom come. It’s too late. They grew up in times of hardship and used it for a positive effect on their soul, pushing them into the realm of extroversion and ecstasy. Taking life by the chutzpah and living each moment with supreme grace. No. That’s – really – not me at all. They love change. I don’t. Yet they are conformists. These people today are rich and running our world. I may have been born into this generation, but this generation couldn’t be further from who I am.

So what about Generation Z? All texts and internet. I don’t even have a phone. And for me, the internet is a convenience and little more. They are of the digital age, they’ve never known a world before all the ease of modern living came our way. But more than any other generation, they’ve grown up in a world of war, terror, global warming and financial collapse. These are people more adapted to the world than Generation Y ever were. They are wise beyond their age. They see themselves as a solution to what’s ailing the world. A world that is against them. A world that doesn’t realize that hatred is what fuels the Zeds.

This isn’t me either. I’m confused, readers. I’m a label. Why don’t I fit into these labels? Society tells me I should. Society tells me it’s never wrong. Well, screw ‘em. I am what I am… sang, erm, oh, God’s only knows. There are others like this. We don’t conform to the generational labelling system. Maybe that can be the definition of The Pineapple Generation. People who don’t fall into any other generation. And that’s a special thing to be.

A complete weirdo.

Do you associate with your generation, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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