Are You Hardcore?

Post 365

What is this, ‘90s slang week? Well, aint that a crunk bag of cheddar. Damn Skippy, I’m well dank and down with the dope. Mad shnikies, can you dig it? People talked like that back then? How did we get anything done? That is the decade that gave us the butter pen. I believe the brief was to create Google but the only people that could do that were young and nobody could understand them. I may have grown up in the ‘90s, but as you can see, it clearly didn’t register. Honestly, people talked like that? It’s embarrassing. I need a drink. Man, I got the pasties.

Where do you start? I mean, hardcore was on the fringe, man. It was spoken of in hush tones and only used regarding the most righteous of dudes. I might be getting my decades confused, here. Then it became popular and unfunky. And when the popularity had gone it never really came back. Hardcore nowadays is a genre of rock, a bloody good one. But the philosophy has died. It’s so retro it’s gone the way of pong. Only the uber-hardcore old school rockers can get away with calling themselves hardcore. It’s lost to time.

But just because the terminology has gone, doesn’t mean people aren’t hardcore, anymore. No, they’re now considered ‘alternative’, which is most unhardcore. Back in the golden age of nonmainstream rock, this was the genre to end all genres. It wasn’t edgy, it found the edge and jumped off. The envelope wasn’t pushed, it was mailed to Satan. The rules weren’t broken, they were ground up into a powder, turned into diamonds and flushed down the toilet because material wealth isn’t worth it, guys. It’s a message unstoppable and irresistible. It transcends the trends that occur within it. It’s a deep and everlasting burning in the heart of your very soul, a passion unmatched by even the most hate-filled punch. They have their own thoughts and actions that nobody can stop them from thinking and doing. They are a one-person army against a world that has accepted the norm. They don’t. They fight their own personal vendetta. They are empowered by the richness of the music that grew up around them, hardcore rock that is as rich today as it ever was. It makes no sense. Life for them is a merry-go-round of massive enthusiasm and intensity that causes headaches but a level of living that is beyond the realm of most. Hardcore is life. It is a living, breathing entity. Everybody who is hardcore is a cell in that body. The only cell inhabitants ever find themselves in. Because nothing in life is a jail. The mind is forever free.

Is that me? Probably not. We all experience elements of hardcore in our lives. We all dabble. I have respect for them. They are the hippies of the modern age. They are misunderstood and seen as a problem. They’re not. Let them live and have fun. They are experiencing life on an unimaginable scale. I am not hardcore, but man, I love those who are.

Are you hardcore, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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