Would You Spend the Rest of Your Life in a Hammock?

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A sling made of rope, fabric or netting, suspended between two points, used for swinging, sleeping or resting. The official definition of hammock. I’m young, so I’m presuming the swinging is good old-fashioned swinging, not, not wife swapping. I mean, it’s your prerogative, but I just can’t see a swing being useful in that situation. It’s a hindrance, if anything. Especially in a hammock. You could fall off and land on a nest of snakes. After all, that’s why hammocks were created. To keep you free from the horrors of the rainforest. Apparently, it was to protect the user from animal bites and those snakes. Of course, we do have jumping beans, so it’s entirely possible one could jump up and land in your mouth whilst you sleep, choking you to death. Of course, many hammocks have nets. But that still leaves us with the eminent danger of animal bites. Sure, it protects you from snakebites, but if a giant bear finds you, I think you’re screwed.

The word hammock is an alteration of hamaca, which is Spanish, from Arawakan, meaning, “fish nets”. Which is another link to wife swapping. What? You’d want to look your best. Fishnets are very alluring. To wear. Not actual fish nets. Unless you have a fishing fetish. “Ooh, arrr, I have a thing for trawlers in waders – arrr!” Apparently, that guy’s also a pirate. You know what, everything from now on is just gonna take on a seedy undertone. I sincerely apologise.

Hammocks for me are as an unknown territory as banana-hammocks. I’m a virgin with both. There are a million kinds of hammock. Hammock is a fun word to say, isn’t it? I do wonder why I would have to spend the rest of my life in a hammock. It wouldn’t protect me from harm. I mean, surely the snakes could just climb up the supports. Aye, the makers of hammocks didn’t think of that, did they? I could have my food brought to me and pee taken away in buckets. And for the other thing, just cut a hole in it. You could throw water over me to keep me clean. But it would be boring. You need freedom in life to enjoy it and to experience the best of it. I don’t know how I ended up in this situation. Stuck to a hammock. But I wouldn’t choose to do it. It makes no sense. Sorry, Mr. Hammock. But spending the rest of my life in your comfortable grasp just isn’t for me.

But what about you, readers? Would you spend the rest of your life in a hammock?

Ciao :)(:

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