Would You Own Your Own Island?

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Alanland. A sub-tropical paradise in a far off clear blue ocean, ringed by a fine white sandy beach, with a home in the centre, cocooned by a few layers of forest. Sounds pretty special. Apart from the name. I need a better name. Ooh, I know! The Steptoe Isle. After my favourite comedy show. Oh, how I miss you Albert and Harold. Oh, and of course, I’d need my own flag. It’d just be a caricature of me smiling with both my thumbs up. ‘Feelin’ Fine’ would be my island’s motto. Written in big letters beneath the flag of a smiling, thumbs up, shade wearing me. Also wearing a top hat. It sounds absolutely perfect, readers, doesn’t it? In fact, the question should be why wouldn’t you own your own island? Oh, and wearing a top hat would be mandatory. It’s not up for debate, so there.

Well, let’s get our facts straight, for a start. You can own your own island, but you cannot own your own country. Your private island is part of a country. You abide by that country’s rules, laws, flag, everything. The whole shebang. So, you can’t make your own laws. But you could make your own flag. I mean, it wouldn’t be legal, and depending where you dwell, you may get in trouble for that, but once you have the legal wrangling out of the way, you’d be swell. Free to start your own empire. You’ve had to make some compromises, but you have arrived. Welcome to the rest of your life. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

It is worth pointing out at this point that you can’t own a private island in the UK as all UK beaches are owned by Queen Lizzy, therefore they are public property and anyone can walk on them. You chase somebody off your island with a stick for walking on your beach, you’ll be arrested for breaking the law. Queen Lizzy is like that giant brain. She’s everywhere.

No need to worry, sucks to Lizzy. I’m off somewhere warm. But it is remote, travelling there would be difficult. But I’m better off by myself, it’s not too much of an issue. They are all very expensive, though. I’m not rich, most of us aren’t. Many government’s ban people from building on private islands unless it’s of a substantial size, which costs more money. Squatter rights are an issue. Somebody tries to take your island, claim it for themselves, or the like, you’re powerless to stop them. No government on Earth would arrest that squatter. It’s impossible to know if they claimed it first, so there’s no case. Power and plumbing are major issues. Undeveloped islands are extremely rare to find. Security is a worry. And the maintenance is tiresome and will eventually wear you down.

In all honesty, it sounds like a bit of a faff on. I can’t be doing with all that hassle. It might be a luxurious dream, but I think it’s out of the reach of the majority of us mere minions. I think the fantastical exciting world of The Steptoe Isle may have to remain a pipe dream forever more…

But what about you, readers. Would you own your own island?

Ciao :)(:

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