How Long Would You Like to Live For?

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Death is everywhere! Any time now, the grim reaper will wield his funky axe and smite one from all existence! Any time it could be over! You just don’t know! Not to depress you, we all go at some point. But people are living longer. The message is to live each day to the full and leg it when Mr. Reaper comes to reap. Jeanne Calment was the oldest verified living human. She died in 1997. And was born in 1875. She died age 122 years and 164 days. That’s brilliant, isn’t it? That a human life can endure that much. She once said, ‘I’ve never had but one wrinkle, and I’m sitting on it’. She wasn’t athletic. Or health conscious. She lived on her own until 110, when life became hard. She continued daily walks until 114. She smoked. She cited her longevity to olive oil, wine, and two pounds of chocolate a week. She had no mental problems or difficulties until the day she died. As sharp as a wick. It’s incredible. I was born in 1990. If I lived to 122, I’d live to 2112. Although this is unlikely. With my track record, I’m probably gonna go choking on a sock in my sleep aged 27.

It would be pretty sweet. 2100 seems like centuries away. I can’t believe there’s actually a chance I’d still be here then. Probably still doing this blog, although by that point, ‘blogging’ would be a little hologram of me ranting away on your table. He, he, he. That sounds like quite a lark, actually. We don’t know what the world of science has in store. If I make it to old age, science may have invented ways to prolong life. You know, a big criticism of longevity is that we lose everyone we love. This is true. But if everyone takes the ‘magic pills’ then maybe not. But then again, nobody would force you do it. Do you want to live forever? Being 150 wouldn’t be a pile of fun. But I don’t know what I would be able to do or what science has done for me. That’s the difficulty here.

What world would that future world be like?

100,000 people die each day from old age. Death is as much a part of life as bad hair days and terrible coitus. One usually causes the other. Ahem. Although the other one causing the other one would be a pretty good outcome, regardless of how bad it is. People actually put a figure of ‘80’ as a good marker. Little kids would say ‘1,000’. I’d say ‘80’ was more realistic. I sure as hell don’t want to live forever. I’m very scared of ‘the end’. I hate thinking about it. When I was younger, I lost 10 people in my life in one year, six of them relatives. Haunted me ever since. I don’t think ‘how much time do I have left?’ I think, ‘Oh, screw it – I could be the most health conscious individual imaginable and be hit by a car aged 24’. Yeah, it’s correct to take care of your health, but it’s wrong to attribute that care to longevity. As a human, I try to make the best of each day and do what I can to keep my body ticking over. I do that to take care of myself and so that when the end doth arrive, I can be happy that I ‘lived’ the time I had. Not once have I ever thought, ’80 – I’m shooting for 80’. I just think, ‘Well, I’ll be a goner someday, why worry?’ We’re all doomed in the end.

No, I think when the grim reaper arrives with his funky axe, I’ll accept it. Could be a car, could be a sock, could be a heart attack. But what more can one do in life other than accept the inevitable? The socks are out to get me…

What age would you like to live to, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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