Are You Boring?

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A bore. A tool for boring slowly and persistently through a hard object. This is a slow and persistent tool. So it’s easy to see where we get the word ‘boring’ from. One who is not interesting. Tedious. Sleep inducing. Dull. Repetitive. Agonisingly grey. Lacking fun or excitement. Monotonous. Lame. Weary and dreary. Irksome. I could go on. Although I’ve never been called ‘boring’, I certainly seem to fit into most definitions of it. But is that so? Am I boring? Are you boring? Let’s find out…

It’s a subjective thing, isn’t it? One person’s boring is another person’s Woodstock. Paris Hilton would almost certainly call a person who builds little ships in little glass bottles boring but equally, the model maker would call seeing photographs of her inhale the white stuff for the thousandth time boring. When to each other, it’s the greatest thing in the known universe. Although if any kids are reading, please, if you’re looking for a new hobby, take up the model one. So whilst I may call myself a colossal lamewad, others won’t. But that’s not the question. Do I find myself ‘boring’? Hmm…

For interesting people, this is how they define boring people. No opinions. They only talk about what interests them and try to avoid conversing. No sense of humour. They see the glass as half empty. Only see one perspective. They are uptight, rigid, serious and complain. About almost everything. Struggle to engage. They never try new things or travel. Lack eye contact. Never smile. Are not well informed. Are predictable. No hunger for life. Are pushovers. Constantly work and have no hobbies. Do not dream. A total hermit.

Well, to everybody on the planet who defines ‘boring’ as listed above, I can say but only thing to you. Imbecile. Every last one of you. The sole reason the word boring exists is that people who interesting people deem ‘boring’ are horribly misunderstood. Nobody is boring. The people interesting people find ‘boring’ are merely people they don’t like. And hey, guess what! They don’t like you either, m’laddo! And when that hurts you, you’ll know how they feel. Stop being cruel. ‘Boring’ is cool. ‘Boring’ is good.

As a shy person, I do have a few of the qualities above. We love to stay in our comfort zone, but that doesn’t make us ‘bad people’. We are physically incapable of stepping outside of that zone, it’s a daily struggle that shouldn’t be mocked. And calling us ‘boring’ is mocking. Opinions aren’t important. It’s actions that count. I’m not good at socialising, hence why I don’t converse. And why, when I do, it’s about facts. They’re all I know. I don’t have a sense of humour. So what? The world is a miserable place, better to be a pessimist than an optimist. We’re realists. I have no friends, how can I be expected to see more than my own perspective? Nothing wrong with being uptight, rigid or serious. I’m as happy as the next guy. And yeah, I complain, but without us complainers, the world would never improve. I’m shy so I can’t engage, make eye contact, and I’m not well informed. I can be a pushover, but that’s beyond my control. I do have hobbies. And I stick to a regime.

What people think is ‘boring’ is almost always a misconception. And almost always refers to one who is shy or has elements of shyness. Shyness is a disease, a disease without a cure. And we certainly seem to fit into the category many would label ‘boring’. We’re not. Nobody is. It hurts us and I’m sure everyone when called ‘boring’.

There are no boring humans. Only humans you do not yet know.

Ciao :)(:

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