How Would Your Life Be Different If You Could Teleport?

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Let me start by saying, I haven’t ventured into the realm of superhero. The titular ‘teleport’ is a hypothetical machine available to all humans in some crazy parallel dimension. In that particular situation, how would my life be different? Well, let’s start with teleportation. ‘A theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.’ This was a staple of Star Trek. A legendry image in our minds that we think of when we think of the transporter. In the original series, it was created with bits of foil, cardboard, a bright light and a bit of camera wizardry. That job must’ve been humiliating. Oh yeah, nowadays, computers, woo. Imagine the scenario in the olden days. “How was your day at work, honey?” “I threw bits of tinfoil at William Shatner for minimum wage – I’m living the dream.” Nowadays, your children would be so proud of your computer magic. But back then? Hmm, I don’t know, the world was simpler back then, maybe people were easier to impress. Star Trek was, of course, set not long after a terrible nuclear war. Which is an appropriate segue. To teleport an adult man, it would release energy equivalent to a thousand one megaton hydrogen bombs. As Lawrence M. Krauss once said, ‘it’s hard to imagine how to do this in an environmentally friendly fashion.’

American writer Charles Fort came up with the word teleportation in 1931, saying in no uncertain terms that he had next to no clue as to how it would work. Many disagree about how a transporter would work. Krauss argued that it would be much easier to replicate someone elsewhere and destroy the original. Others argued he was nuts.

It would certainly make life easier. I have an awful fear of transportation. Particularly plane and boat related. Just step into the teleporter, and boom! I’m there! Not, not – boom, in the sense it blew up. Gee, I sure hope not. I could be lazier, too. No more walking down all those 12 steps to the fridge. I’d just ‘lock on’ to the nearest chocolate bar and teleport it to my room. Some would say that releasing the energy of one thousand hydrogen bombs to make getting a chocolate bar a little bit easier and a little bit quicker is a bit wasteful. Hmm, perhaps, but oh my, so many stairs…

Some would say that I should move into a bungalow or apartment, but would it be cheaper than the cost of a teleporter? Still though, all those footsteps to the fridge. A teleporter would certainly make humanity lazier and border control much harder. But I have relatives abroad, I miss them. Surely love transmogrifies border control. There’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d say. It would also cut the cost of emissions and Earthy-harmy stuff. But again, it depends on cost, manufacture, energy output. But imagine that world. Need to get the children to school? Just hop in the teleporter! You’d also have longer in bed because you don’t have to factor in travel time. But then if so many are using the teleporter, will it be like dial-up internet? “Danny, why are you late for school?” “I was busy downloading myself, and I’m still having problems with my buuuuuuuuuuffer.”

I like the way we work. We don’t need teleporters, they’d cause more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention they’re quite impossible. If they existed, I don’t think I’d dabble in the teleporter. How would my life be different? I think it’d be worse.

But what about you, readers? How would your life be different if the teleporter existed?

Ciao :)(:

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