What Are Your Thoughts on Tanning Machines?

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They are known by many names around the world, such as ‘sun-bed’ in the UK and ‘tanning bed’ in America. I’ve never actually used one before, but that’s because I’m not an airplane steward. They are very dangerous machines, indeed. Like that story about that young girl who used one three times daily until her wedding. And she awoke on the morn of her wedding, dying only moments later. The machine had cooked her insides, thus killing her. Okay, it’s an urban legend, but if I told you that at the beginning of the story, you wouldn’t have been as shocked. And you should be…

They can’t actually cook your insides, but the World Health Organisation does not recommend using them. Well, obviously. That’s like not recommending someone to wear a blindfold while driving. The machines can cause cataracts, immune system problems and premature skin aging. Even with just a couple of uses, they triple your chances of getting melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. They are deadly.

Contrary to popular belief, they do not increase your Vitamin D levels. The only study that claimed such was conducted by a man who worked for a company whose largest financial provider was the Indoor Tanning Association. The ITA even later admitted the machines have no health benefits. And it’s not just Vitamin D. What about Seasonal Affective Disorder? Nope. Does not have any effect on SAD.

It is illegal to use the words ‘safe’ or ‘safer than’ in America in promotion of the machines as there is no evidence to suggest they provide a safe or safer than environment than the great outdoors. Under 18s are banned from using the machines in only thirteen countries. In America, only 22 states ban under 18s from using them, with a handful more banning under 16s or under 14s. The rest simply require parental consent and some don’t require any consent at all.

10% of the total population of America use them. 20.4% are teenagers. 18.1% are women. 6.3% men. 9.8% are over 65. And it’s not just America. In the UK city of Liverpool, 58% of the population use them frequently. There are 300 tanning salons in the city!

Those who use them and say they cause no harm whatsoever are, to be frank, complete idiots. There are hundreds of scientific studies proving they cause nothing but harm. Every single study suggesting otherwise has been proven false. Even if you use one once for only ten minutes, in your entire life, it still increases your chances of cancer. Even if it’s a miniscule percent, it’s still an increase. I simply cannot understand the logic of endangering your health, by any percent, to simply look orange. It’s baffling.

Yes, there are those of you saying ‘What about medicinal use?’ Some people with keratosis, psoriasis and eczema are treated with UVB Light Therapy, but it is tightly controlled and regulated, and differs greatly from the type you find publically. And as for acne? It has been proven to have absolutely no permanent affect, only temporary.

To cause harm or to run the risk of harm to yourself to look orange is pure insanity. You should be happy in your own skin and not consumed by ‘orange rage’. There’s always somebody in the world who will always love you for who you are. Accept who you are and love yourself.

That’s all that should matter.

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