Are You Ordinary?

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An ordinary person. One of no special quality or interest. Commonplace. Unexceptional. Plain and undistinguished. Something regular and usual. Mediocre. ‘Ordinary’ is beige defined. Somebody with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Dull as dog sh- you get the point. But, as Oscar Wilde once said, “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” I think that fella may have been on to something. Sounds like a rather intelligent chap. Hmm…

An ordinary person is one who is settled and does what is expected of them. They follow rules blindly. They fear change. They have no desires or wishes, and even if they did, they’d put those thoughts in a little box marked ‘evil’ because they will cause change. Change is difficult. Must be avoided. They settle for life as life comes. They have little ambition but convince themselves that that ambition is less than they deserve. They are happy to fester in mediocrity and the same old routine. Do you know anybody like that readers? No? Yeah, I agree, I don’t know anyone like that, either.

What is ordinary? Surely that life I described above is so extraordinary that we are all, paradoxically, ordinary. What is ordinary is what is expected of us, and what is expected of us constantly changes throughout our lives. It is in a constant state of flux. There might be a ‘latest trend’, and not following it makes you ‘ordinary’. The latest trend is seen as a societal norm and if you don’t follow it you’re not following societies norms. But then the trend falls and a new age dawns. Now you’re considered ‘ordinary’ for not following that newest trend. So it can be said that ‘ordinary’ is a fallacy because ‘ordinary’ is in a constant state of flux. ‘Ordinary’ cannot be defined. Actually, we’re all individuals. How one person would define another as ‘ordinary’ yet another person would define as ‘extraordinary’. There’s a spark in all of us that some will love and others will hate. We’re all loved and hated in equal measure.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t follow the latest trends. But those who do would define me as ordinary. But others as I am would define me as interesting based on other factors. There is no ‘normalcy quota’, we’re all unique. I don’t care what the latest celebrity tittle-tattle is, I’d rather be out with my camera taking my photographs – it’s my biggest passion in life. That’s not what the majority would expect of me. I do fear change, but there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? I like life as it is, there’s nothing wrong with living by the philosophy of not changing what’s not broke. I know I’m probably capable of achieving more than I have or will do, but being incredibly introverted and suffering from a certain degree of social anxiety, I’m incapable of that. By every definition, I am ordinary. See? But, I’m not.

Re-read the above paragraph. By every definition, I am ordinary. True? Maybe to one of you reading, but what if one of you loves photography? You see? You’ve found something in me that is not ‘ordinary’. Something interesting. Something ‘extraordinary’. We can quite comfortably confine the word ‘ordinary’ into the stock of completely useless words. I have shown, in only a few short paragraphs, that we are all, in fact, extraordinary. There is no such thing as ‘ordinary’.

Never love anyone who treats you as if you’re ordinary. I think that quote is quite possibly a contender for Oscar Wilde’s most profound statement.

I think those are words than we can all live by. No, wait – should live by…

Toodle-pip :)(:

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