Would You Meet Your Parallel Self?

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Imagine falling in love with your parallel self. Many would regard it as highly unusual. Perhaps it’s incestuous. But it does demonstrate the weird world of parallel universes rather well. Because that ‘other you’ may have lived an entirely different life. Made entirely different choices. Could have a different name. May even be a different gender. Your parallel self may not be a clone. All these variables could make your parallel self an entirely different person. You may share the same origins, but little more. So, what if you fall in love with your parallel self? Not as weird as it first seems…

A parallel universe may appear the same as the one we’re in now, but there are differences caused by subtly different choices. Red telephone boxes could be white. Hitler could’ve never rose to power because of one small choice, meaning Britain would have many more lovely old buildings instead of ‘60s monstrosities everywhere. And I could’ve decided not to grow my hair long. Which is a horrifying prospect because my hair is wonderful…

What if the other me is better than me? Has it all. That person sounds like a right tool. Certainly wouldn’t want to meet him. It would leave me with an inferiority complex. What if the other me wasn’t incredibly shy because they said ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ every five minutes? The girls who asked me out. If I’d said ‘yes’ I’d now be much more outgoing and have a better life because of that. What if the other me was a serial killer? Or a drug addict? A complete low-life. Too much to bear, that would be. But what if he was the same as me because the difference between our universes was something else, something innocuous. Maybe colours. You would learn an awful lot about yourself, perhaps not all of it good.

I’m really not a good person. I’m no fun. Always say ‘no’. Never go anywhere or do anything. Dull as dishwater. What would I say to parallel me? I couldn’t ask for advice. After all, your life is your own to live, not to model on someone else’s. And what of all those variables? In life, I tend to seek out the outgoing for companionship, but there’s no way to know if the other me would be outgoing. There’s too much risk involved.

I barely get along with the me there is now, here, in this universe. But as for a parallel version of myself? Well, no, I wouldn’t want to meet him. There are just too many potential variables. It would be a risk I’m not willing to take.

But would you meet your parallel self, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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