What Are Your Thoughts on Purple?

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Curple. The strap for your feet under the saddle you put on a horse. Hirple. To walk with a limp. Turple. To fall over. So God help you if you get your foot stuck in a curple, causing you to turple and hirple to the hospital with a bruise purple. You see? There are rhymes for purple! There aren’t that many things that are naturally purple. Aubergines are. Or eggplant for the benefit of any Americans reading. Some crystals are purple. You can even get purple rice (confusingly called ‘black rice’). There are purple grapes. Heck, even purple cabbage (which sounds like a medical condition, to me – “Oh, doctor, I’ve got purple cabbage!”). Why, I’ve even heard there’s such a thing as purple rain. Apparently, it’s dreary and monotonous, and gets far more praise than it deserves…

Purple has a long-standing association with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. A creative, majestic and grand colour. But it’s an odd word, isn’t it? Try saying it a couple times. Very strange. It was named after a snail. One particular species secretes mucus that was used to create purple dye in the olden days. The Greek word for this was ‘porphura’, which became ‘purpura’ in Latin and then ‘purpil’ in Old English, before turning into ‘purple’. Do any of you have a purple wall in your house? You’ll never be able to look at it again without thinking of snail mucus, will you?

But there’s more to purple than it being the colour of the first Teletubby acquitted of manslaughter. Every March 26 is Purple Day, when people are encouraged to wear purple to raise awareness and education of epilepsy because lavender, a purple coloured herb, is used as a traditional treatment for epilepsy.

Dominica (no, not Dominican Republic, two different countries), is the only nation on Earth with purple in its official flag. There’s an Amazon type website that sells only purple coloured items. And carrots were once purple, red, white or yellow, before the Dutch bred orange carrots in the 16th century to honour the Royal House of Orange. I know. It’s insane. How is a carrot a fitting honour for a Royal House? “Seriously, a carrot?” “But, sir, it’s orange – that took a really long time to turn orange, it’s one of a kind!” “You better get out of here before I insert this somewhere…” I don’t care if the king or whoever likes carrots. You don’t get him a carrot! It’s like when a woman sees a cheap ring in a shop and wants it. What she really means is that she wants the expensive one next to it, but doesn’t have the heart to ask you for it. “I asked for a carrot, but I actually wanted a Lamborghini.” Admittedly, they didn’t have them in the 16th century, but that’s not the point…

Yes, purple is a fascinating colour. Without it the world would… actually, the world would alright, wouldn’t it? It’s not a very important colour, really. I mean, aubergines would look a bit weird for a while but we’d get used to it. Plus, they already look a bit weird. But apart from aubergines, I don’t think we’d miss purple. No, you know what, screw purple.

That’s what I think of it.

But what are your thoughts on purple, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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