Why Is December so Awesome?

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December. In the deep midwinter. Unless you’re living in the southern hemisphere. In which case, December is in the deep… summer. Doesn’t have the same ring, does it? Doesn’t feel like Christmas if it’s hot. “Hey kids, here comes Santa Claus in his Hawaii themed T-shirt and shorts, with his famous white dreadlocks and sandals!” Flying through the sky on his festive surfboard… What? Not feeling very ‘Christmassy’? Come on, it’s April…

December may be the 12th month but it gets its name from the Latin word for ten, because the Roman calendar lasted from March to December, the ‘tenth’ month. They didn’t really like the time between December and March so they didn’t bother naming those weeks. That’s a great idea, isn’t it? I’m gonna ignore Wednesday from now on.

Of course, this month is best known for Christmas, there’s no getting away from that. But that day wasn’t always loved. In 1647, the Puritan British Parliament banned the celebration of Christmas, replacing it with a day of fasting. Pro-Christmas riots broke out across the UK, eventually leading to the rioters taking control of the entire city of Canterbury. And that, Fox News, is what a real war on Christmas looks like.

There are also some misconceptions we ought to sort out. ‘Jingle Bells’ was originally conceived as a Thanksgiving song with slightly different lyrics and a slightly different melody. It was also the first song sung in space, sung by Gemini 6 astronauts who managed to smuggle a harmonica and sleigh bells onboard. Rumour has it that the astronauts couldn’t walk properly for weeks afterwards…

And dear old Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was not born in the North Pole. He was actually born in Chicago. Robert May was given an assignment in 1939 by a Chicago retailer to create a Christmas book and Rudolph is what he came up with. Well, actually, the reindeer in question was originally named Rollo. Then Reginald. And then Rudolph. Am I the only one who prefers ‘Reginald’?

It’s a fascinating month…

How could one not love December? It’s the end of the year. And we all love the end of the year. It’s a month where one feels inherently happy. All the pain and misery of the last 11 months is soon to be at an end and before that final curtain, we get tons of presents, money and booze. And the snow! It’s magical. It’s unique. It’s enchanting. A month of excess, renewal and rebirth. And lots of presents. Did I mention that? Lots and lots of presents…

So yes, December is incredibly awesome.

Toodle-pip :)(:

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