Would You Be a Cheerleader?

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Oh, yes, of course. I mean, cheerleading is the first thing most people think about when they first see me, isn’t it? I’m British, for a start, and I really don’t associate us with cheerleading. It’s something that happens over in America, a part of their relentless endeavours to glam up everything. In fact, the only time I’ve seen cheerleading in this country is at football matches. At least two teams that I can think of have them. Although one group just does a simple dance, no pompoms, singing or aerial gubbins. The other just flashes their pompoms and wiggle some hips. That particular club also has an eagle that flies across the pitch before the game. Hmm, the more I think about it, the more infatuated they seem to be with the Yanks…

37% of British schools now teach cheerleading, but it’s only a recent thing. It was unheard of until a few years ago. But it doesn’t feel ‘British’ to me. It’s like that time in secondary school when they offered us, the students in the final year, a prom. And we all said, “Why? We’re not American.” And we didn’t have one. But nowadays, though, every school has them! You see young girls in fancy dresses getting into limos all the time, but this has only come about in the last couple of years. So maybe I’m a dinosaur. I grew up in a world without proms or cheerleading. Something I’m extremely pleased about.

The UK now has cheerleading groups who participate in global cheerleading events. Apparently. I’m using that word because all I know about cheerleading thus far is what I’ve seen in American movies, and believe me, that is not complimentary.

Cheerleading started in 1897 and was performed exclusively by men. Women didn’t become involved until 1923. But nowadays, 97% of all cheerleaders are women. The sport grew rapidly and soon there was a multitude of moves and the like to which I’ve extensively researched and remain completely clueless about. There are over four million cheerleaders on our planet, today, participating in what is a very dangerous sport. Cheerleaders have been paralysed and have even died from broken necks and head injuries.

They need to be incredibly fit and athletic. They must be intelligent (which most studies prove they are). They have to be good singers, plus have good organisational, team and coordination skills. There should be no doubt that this is a bloody difficult sport.

But I’m not a dancer. I’ve never danced and you’ll never see me dance. I hate it. And at the start of this post, I really couldn’t give a damn about cheerleading. But now? I actually have a lot of respect for them. I could never do it, though. I’ll never be fit enough. Or clever enough. Or even hot enough. I mean, gee, I look like a bag of rotten meat that just been blown up with a stick of dynamite…

So no, cheerleading is not for me. But what about you, readers?

Would you be a cheerleader?

Ciao :)(:

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