In the Spotlight – 338: New York

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One of only five states with an official state muffin. The only one with an official state bush. It’s home to the New York Barge Canal System, the longest internal waterway system of any American state. Home of New York City, the most populated city in America with eight million people, more than the total population of 38 states. Where America’s first chess tournament happened in 1843. Home of America’s oldest state park, at Niagara Falls. Home to the second highest percentage of people in America with a rainy day fund. And home of the world’s best pizzas (believe me, I’ve had a few). Their ice creams are delicious, too. And their hotdogs. Mmm, hotdogs… Today we’re in the Empire State, New York.

New York is a state in northeast America, bordered by Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec and Rhode Island, plus the Atlantic Ocean. It is the 27th largest state at just over 54,500 square miles, and has the fourth largest population with nearly 20 million people. The state motto is the rather wonderful ‘Excelsior’, Latin for ‘Ever Upward’. In 1664, King James the Second of England, Duke of York, sent four warships to the island of Manhattan to take it from the Dutch, who had named it New Amsterdam. The Dutch surrendered to the vastly superior military without any blood spilt. King James subsequently renamed the island after his home city, York. The state later took on the same name.

New York is incredibly diverse, from culture to cuisine, wine, art, fairs and wildlife. New Yorkers are fanatical about their sport, from American football to baseball, soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse. They are rightly proud of where they live, a truly equal, tolerant, resilient and free state.

The landscape of New York is so colourful and diverse it’s almost impossible to describe. Farms, forests, rivers, mountain ranges and lakes, plus much more, all radically different with each new season. This beautiful and charming state has it all.

We all know what New York City and Niagara Falls have to offer, but what about the rest of the state? You have Lake George, one of many places in this state that doesn’t feel like America, this one having a Mediterranean vibe. An exotic and blithesome lake covering a great 28,160 acres, coruscating under the warm rays of the Sun. Then you have alluring old time American towns and cities all over this state, so delightful and quaint. Places such as Saratoga Springs, an unbelievably lovely old city, more than capable of putting a huge smile on one’s face just at the sight of its amazing old architecture. And then there’s Shawangunk Ridge. A ridge of bedrock bursting from the heart of an ocean of green. An Elysian and mirable marvel, something else I’m having a hard time believing is in America.

But I think the best sight of the state is in Letchworth State Park, a gorgeous green oasis of wonderful splendour. It covers a massive 14,350 acres, a sea of green like a lush rainforest in South America. And running through, an incicurable river flanked on both sides by flat rock faces, the top edges of which the forest creeps over. Nestled in the middle of this canyon is the Middle Falls, a sumptuous and supernaculum show of force, a raimentless and raw beauty unlike anything else. It’s chalcenterous nature is ethereal, a canorous grace at the heart of the Genesee River.

New York. The state of excelsior, stunning scenery and the lilac bush.

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Images: 1) The flag of New York State (credit:, 2) Letchworth State Park Middle Falls [looking out] (credit:, 3) Letchworth State Park Middle Falls [looking in] (credit:

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