Would You Consider Being Stuffed and Displayed after Death?

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Oh, sweet Jesus – can I have a blog transfer? Something a bit more cushty, perhaps? Ah, well, I s’pose taxidermy was going to come up one of these days. Whilst human taxidermy may seem a tad macabre, it has been done before. The head of British philosopher Jeremy Bentham was preserved after death. But because that was in 1832, the preservation didn’t go all too well. The skin dried, darkened and became rather horrific. They did display the expressionless nightmare but eventually stopped. Now they only bring it out for very special occasions. Like the fine china. University College London, incidentally, didn’t stop displaying the head because of how unpleasant it looks, but because students kept stealing it. Still, what a wonderful prank to play on your girlfriend. Imagine leaving Bentham’s head on the pillow next to her before you go to work. He, he, he…

We get the word ‘taxidermy’ from Greek, meaning ‘arrangement of skin’. And it’s when one prepares, stuffs and mounts the skin of an animal for display. Usually in a museum, for study, as a ‘hunting trophy’ or to preserve the image of a beloved pet. And it remains an option for what to do with that special relative you just can’t quite let go of.

The process of taxidermy is one I’ve extensively researched, something I encourage you not to do if you don’t want to lose your lunch. They don’t actually ‘stuff’ the animal. They must place the skin and features over a skeleton, usually a metal one, and preserve it as best they can. In the UK, all animals used for taxidermy must be found dead and cannot be killed specifically for taxidermy. Well, I guess I could fall into that category. I mean, if I die on the toilet, technically, someone will find me, meaning I could be legally stuffed. Well, that’s a mighty pleasant thought…

There is an argument in favour of doing this. If you’re completely insane. But the whole notion makes my skin crawl. Taxidermy in general makes my skin crawl and sends shivers up my spine. It’s macabre and I don’t like macabre. It makes me feel sick and I’m pretty sure I already have that effect on most people now. I sure don’t want to have that effect on anyone when I’m dead. Not to mention the fact that I don’t think anyone would appreciate my gormless mug staring at them every day.

So no, I wouldn’t consider taxidermy and permanent display for myself after I die.

But would you, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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