What Is Really Going on in Area 51?

Post 548

Have you seen ‘The Prisoner’? A man is carted off to a mysterious island because of the secrets in his head. What if I accidentally uncover the secrets of Area 51? I’m too young and handsome to die. Gee, I could say anything and they could come to get me. Unless I say something so ridiculous it can’t be true. Erm, oh, ah, hmm – ooh! By Jove, I got it! Area 51 is a US government top secret facility whose sole aim is to discover… the perfect ice cream recipe. Hang on, let me just – no, nope – no military at my door. That’s good. But hang on, it could be a double bluff. So ridiculous they don’t think anyone will believe me, which must mean it’s true – ARRRRGH! I’m in danger! Save me Superman!

Area 51 is officially named Homey Airport and Groom Lake and hasn’t been named Area 51 since the end of the Vietnam War. It’s where new military gubbins is tested and built, such as spy planes and weapons. Many of the experimental airplanes have unusual shapes and oddly placed blinking lights, leading many to believe the crafts were of unearthly origin. The US government has never really commented on any of the extraterrestrial speculation because it’s a handy distraction from what is really going on in there.

Needless to say, conspiracies abound. Many authors and whistleblowers have come forward claiming alien goings on inside Area 51, but every single one and every claim they made has been conclusively and undeniably disproved. Most of them never even worked there, are trying to cash in on the conspiracies or are attention seekers. Obviously, we can’t shut up the idiotic conspiracists who argue all the evidence disproving the whistleblowers is a dirty government cover-up. Although that doesn’t sound like the American government I’m aware of. I mean surely they’re more likely to kill the whistleblowers than politely tell them to keep schtum.

It’s fairly obvious to even the dumbest person that if an alien craft landed or appeared anywhere on Earth, hundreds of satellites, telescopes, radar, a myriad of other technologies and people on the ground would see it, no matter how small or remote. And sure, you may believe an American government would keep quiet and cover it up, but the Earth is a big place. There’s absolutely no way all leaders of all nations on Earth have a top secret pact to keep alien shenanigans secret. Look at how many wars and cultural divides there are. Yet you’re asking me to believe that they can put centuries of differences aside to keep aliens quiet? That’s bordering on the delusional and ludicrous.

What if an alien craft landed in Russia? They hate America. These two countries can’t agree on anything. Would they agree with America to keep the alien craft a secret? Absolutely not. The UK is quite transparent. Our government would definitely tell the people. If you think all leaders and officials would keep quiet about something like this, then you must think the world is a much less argumentative, warlike and greedy place than it is.

People like to believe in myths and legends but it’s undeniable that if something ‘foreign’ landed or floated over Area 51, the entire world would know about it. All ‘evidence’ of a cover-up, including all documentaries, have been disproved and are all riddled with holes. And at the end of the day, who the hell cares if the governments of the world are covering up alien encounters? I, for one, feel much safer and better not knowing they exist.

And you know what? I think most people feel that way…

Ciao :)(:

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